Monday, January 1, 2024

Happy New Year! [2024]

           First of all to start this blog off, Happy New Year! So here we are, 2024! Start of our 10th Anniversary extravaganza this year! I promise we will not get too crazy but expect a ton of stuff to happen throughout mostly online with streams here and there when available and also lined up 3 interviews for 2024, one I cannot say yet but I've hinted it actually. I can say I am planning to have Eric on the podcast for the first time and an interview with both Justin and Larry in studio. Three Stooges with 3 mics, oh boy you can imagine the craziness and could even be beyond an hour for an interview with the 3 of us in studio! haha! I can just see it! 

         May add in a BBQ in July as The CBOTW Show will be between series for 2024 once Power Rangers Podcast goes to the way side we will be on more movies more then anything else in the world. Also the big 10 year anniversary celebration hopefully on Nov 14th the exact day! Praying Larry is around that week and Justin is free we can celebrate as a team or former team. I can feel this year will be a year of positivity and happiness and a lot of exciting stuff going on for us being our 10th anniversary of doing this. Anyways once again, Happy New Year to you all and let's make this a great year! Talk tomorrow,


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