Monday, November 20, 2023

Updates, Great Things Happening for Us!

            Question I've had is where's Chris? I just heard from him this morning and talking time away from running the day to day of ChrisBOnTheWeb Media and right now Brianna, Larry and I continue to work on what we are doing. I know he's had a rough last week or two and we worry about him on a regular basis. Just hope he continues to stay committed to CBOTW Media. However there is great things happening for ChrisBOnTheWeb Media! Chris has gotten a lot of great news moving forward.

           What great things that are happening? 1) Chris and Larry will be recording this week for The CBOTW Show and the image has been floating around on social media and the two of them will be recording Home Alone and Home Alone 2 podcasts! Which is exciting and I knew this piece of information right off the bat so I made that image, on the right. Also Chris is INDEED returning to the Tyrone Parade of Lights this year! Very excited news indeed and this year has been a bunch of surprises for CBOTW Media this and I am really impressed we have started going back to certain events. That is the post for today folks, I'll talk to you all tomorrow as I am taking over for him all week. 

Mark, Community Director of ChrisBOnTheWeb Media

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