Wednesday, June 14, 2023

I'm Staying Positive!

             As you know I have been working on notes non stop and tomorrow being the day of recording, I am staying positivie through all of this. I do have a plan and if worse comes to worse, we will be recording at least 1. Here is the plan for right now:

PLAN A (Original Plan): Record both Ninja Steel and Super Ninja Steel as normally and if this is if I make a real dent as I went to bed early to try and get a really big dent into the notes

PLAN B: Just record the 1 episode, Ninja Steel and push it till the 29th of this month at this point. 

Plan Moving Forward: If we do the one episode this week the plan in 2 weeks is to try and record Super Ninja Steel and Beast Morphers, Season 1 & 2 if we can if humanly possible this could possibly put us back on schedule again. 

               So I am always reinventing and trying to figure things out and try and compromise things even if crap hits the fan especially with not getting notes done. I tried to sacrifice sleep and that didn't work, so I sleep when I need to sleep then work, if I get it done, I get it done right? Anyways I will talk to you all tomorrow for another post. 


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