Monday, December 11, 2023

Halton County-- Christmas Event

          Saturday afternoon, I took off to Halton for the Halton County Radial Museum Christmas on the Rails event and I don't think it is the proper name but was a Christmas event my dad attended this year. It was a fun experience. I know there was a problem with one of the streetcars derailing at the other loop but they resolved the issue and got the car back on the tracks and seems to have to do with the pin snapping so hopefully they repair it. 
       Now the cars that ran there was a whole pile of them. 8 car while they were fixing the car down at the loop, then 2894, 4039, 4600 and by the time we were about to leave W-30 which we didn't know that they were working on it but noticed it was powered in the barn so we knew something was truly up and it was on standby in case they needed more cars so well 4 running as they took 8 out of service as it was only temporary but nice to ride on most of them. Now they had nice hot drinks, apple cider, hot chocolate, sugar cookies, tarts, rice crispy squares and other baked good which was nice and soft and tender, practically melted in my mouth. Anyways we had a good time and big thank you to Halton for adding an additional hour to make up for the delay at the loop. They went above and beyond Saturday night. I look forward to returning in 2024. 



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