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Friday, December 1, 2023

End of The Week Updates [12-01-2023]

              Welcome to the first "End of the Week Updates" for December 2023! Boy it's be a whirlwind of issues this week especially with the older PC to a point Chris has considered getting rid of the computer and completely scrapping it. However he's been trying to clean it out completely and using it for the paperwork side of things. He's been pretty quiet the last 12 + hours not said much, not sure what's going on but I think just swamped with the workload right now. 

              He is planning to work on the movies this weekend, tomorrow and Sunday.  least 5 of them and he will be recording 4 both on the same day and edit it and have it scheduled. He wants all the open time as much as possible. One of them on the 12th of this month is actually with Larry. Between that he's been trying to actually get the notes done and working on the next season and getting it completely finished. Those are the small updates, nothing too crazy just Chris fighting with his old computer as usual but seems to be working fine now and have a good weekend and I will talk to you all next Friday.

Mark L, Community Director

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Trying to Speed Up My Computer

       I have been erasing things off my computer, video games, pictures, videos, files that aren't needed. The reason behind this is to actually try and speed up my computer as it has actually slowed the heck down and gets frustrating to always reboot the system all the time and especially when I am in the middle of typing up a document, like the collaboration podcast or even Entertainment Man especially in this time of the year when I am preparing for 2023 and the 3rd year & 4th season of the podcast, it is very, very frustrating to save and reboot. Plus sometimes I end up having to hit the off button which means losing whatever I do cause my system completely freezes up on me which is quite insane honestly. 

             I even started to just run my anti virus programs and what not but it works but for a very limited time. Now I think I need to schedule myself two days during the week to actually run it and more then likely I will run it when I am out with friends and another day during the week where I am doing lighter work or can work out of the studio because it is running. All I know with my new computer anything edited or uploaded will be saved to an USB device of some sort and will not be put onto the computer and I've started to do that with this computer is saving it to the devices instead and it makes things a lot easier to do now. That is this post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow on the second last post I have set for this week.


Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Gotta Work With What I Have!

               I know I keep saying I need a computer and till I am able to afford one, I am just going to have to limit what I can and cannot play on the game, like Fornite, Minecraft, The Binding of Isaac, Pooligans, etc. Also I have to try and keep the computer as speedy for podcasting as the other night I was having first night back tech issues as the gremlins in the machine returned. LOL. Yeah I poke fun at myself quite a lot and make fun of my computer but remember the computer cannot think what I am thinking technically. It's an inanament object, it's machine, it does what you need on a regular basis. Also if you think about it for a 7 - 8 year old computer, she's done a heck a lot for me over the years from blogging, site stuff to podcasting to stream. You can not say this computer has gone unused, she's been highly utilized. 

            You never know I could use it for a second setup perhaps? I will keep this tower if I really need to and if my niece and nephew want it they can have it but I will wipe it clean once I got the new system.  Right now I continue to use this old girl and try and speed up the PC as much as I can in the meantime. Just try and deal with it and if some games are slower on this computer then I will just not play them for the time being. I have em on steam and the next computer is actually going to be not just for my work but also used for gaming as well. That is my post for today I hope you guys enjoyed this post and have a great rest of your Tuesday and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Thursday, March 21, 2019

We Will Prevail! Nothing Will Stop Us!

           I am writing this ahead of time to last night's craziness before one of my members of Staff wrote the post to inform you of the changes for this week and this week only. My computer has been acting like a fruit loop dingus this week and I kind of went down the deep end tonight and taking the day to try and collect myself together. Do not worry the podcast is going up tonight and making sure it goes up one way or another tonight. Like the title of today's blog is we will prevail and will work through the on going problems with the technical side of things. This week there is only going to be 2 podcasts obviously and next week fingers crossed, we will be back on a regular scheduled programming even if this PC needs  a swift kick of a clean up. I plan on the weekend taking some time to run the anti virus again and other programs to ensure the computer is running smoothly but I think it had to do with the recent update my computer had and it needed to be rebooted. It takes a while for the darn thing to reboot too and get back up and running again. My computer is getting older and I have had it about 3 years now at the most or around that and it is aging. But I would like to build my next PC super fast and really good too. I have officially cleaned up some of the programs on my computer and games I honestly do not play anymore so I think that honestly helped the computer issues.

            We have been working non stop getting ready for things to get back to recording this morning and hope there is no issues. I really couldn't care less if I slept as I am stressed and right now wide awake but a nap this afternoon will be nice if I can make the time. We are praying that there is no problems today but over the next couple of days will be a test to see where the computer is at. We will get through all of this, just give me a few days to sort things out and I am glad I got a team behind me through all the technical mumbo jumbo that has gone on in the last 12 + hours of very stress. I definitely think I have grown a couple more of grey hairs on the top of my head honestly.... lol... In all seriousness, I need to learn to handle my stress but I am starting to get better each and everyday but last night, I honestly snapped my twig, like literally.... But we took it to Twitter to inform you guys something had happened and there would be no podcast whatsoever due me losing the entire recording. I have learned from this, I am from here on out will be saving my work constantly which they taught me this in school to always save your work on the computer. Why you think I have a USB Stick and also external hard drive with all the podcasts save to that. However if I save it before it gets exported then it would help me out but we live and learn from our mistakes.


Wednesday, March 20, 2019

A Few Changes For Everything About Reality TV This Week....

       Well this week has been the week from hell.... Like literally the week from hell. It has been nothing but computer issues all week from computer running slow to internet issues to internet browser issues, I have seen em all this week. Unfortunately tonight the computer crashed which put the icing on the cake. The podcast that was on the desk top was lost, all the 45 - 50 minute podcast that was going to go up tonight, completely lost. So which brings me to this damn post and I didn't want to make this announcement but it has to come the heck out as things are not great right now and literally the studio got trashed in frustration.... 

              1)  Tuesday's episode is obviously scrapped and there is no Tuesday episode for this week. We just do not want to fall completely behind so what we are doing with Tuesday's notes is take that and add it into Friday's episode so adding in a bit more content like we use to have and put it into Friday's freakin episode. Yes he thought about my future with this podcast. Having other thoughts too but rather keep my comments to myself honestly. 

             2) The second part to this post is tomorrow's Survivor Edge of Extinction Episode will still be up at 9 pm EST as I want to make sure it goes up on time this time around and we hope by end of the week, we can take a breather and try and learn from this problems and know what to do in the nearby future.

               I am sorry this is happening but this is way beyond our control. We had to do damage control on this situation and try and salvage what is to happened and I speak for all of the team, we apologize for this situation and hope you will continue to tune in. I know this is sudden with it happening but we have to let you guys know what is going on one way or another. Hope you will all continue to listen and support CBOTW and will be making it up to you guys as we are spending all night fixing the issues we are currently experiencing at this moment.

- The CBOTW Team