Wednesday, March 20, 2019

A Few Changes For Everything About Reality TV This Week....

       Well this week has been the week from hell.... Like literally the week from hell. It has been nothing but computer issues all week from computer running slow to internet issues to internet browser issues, I have seen em all this week. Unfortunately tonight the computer crashed which put the icing on the cake. The podcast that was on the desk top was lost, all the 45 - 50 minute podcast that was going to go up tonight, completely lost. So which brings me to this damn post and I didn't want to make this announcement but it has to come the heck out as things are not great right now and literally the studio got trashed in frustration.... 

              1)  Tuesday's episode is obviously scrapped and there is no Tuesday episode for this week. We just do not want to fall completely behind so what we are doing with Tuesday's notes is take that and add it into Friday's episode so adding in a bit more content like we use to have and put it into Friday's freakin episode. Yes he thought about my future with this podcast. Having other thoughts too but rather keep my comments to myself honestly. 

             2) The second part to this post is tomorrow's Survivor Edge of Extinction Episode will still be up at 9 pm EST as I want to make sure it goes up on time this time around and we hope by end of the week, we can take a breather and try and learn from this problems and know what to do in the nearby future.

               I am sorry this is happening but this is way beyond our control. We had to do damage control on this situation and try and salvage what is to happened and I speak for all of the team, we apologize for this situation and hope you will continue to tune in. I know this is sudden with it happening but we have to let you guys know what is going on one way or another. Hope you will all continue to listen and support CBOTW and will be making it up to you guys as we are spending all night fixing the issues we are currently experiencing at this moment.

- The CBOTW Team

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