Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Things Have Changed So Much Since December...

              Things have indeed changed so much since December where I wanted to just walk away from all of this. Today I am having a different attitude from all that I was going on at the end of last year when I just wanted to give up as the site problems kept on piling up and i just had enough to the point with it, I just wanted CBOTW to end so I can just live a regular life but now I have a lot to be thankful as there is things you guys do not know yet and only my 2 staff and alumni the craziness is about to begin. Yes I said 2 staff, Dave and Billy and Billy has been with me since the New Year in a different position but there is more to talk about in a later time when it is time to make that huge announcement to the public eye and I plan on making a huge announcement at a later time when the time is right or as the tv show name when the Price is Right! Hahahaha. Anyways there is a lot of excitement for CBOTW coming and in time you guys will know what is going on. No I am not starting a second Podcast as of right now, I am primarily focusing on "Everything About Reality TV" Podcast but I am giving too much information away to what is instored for this very website. To change the subject to me hinting about the future which were working on things and eventually I will explain the roles of my 2 other staff eventually as well. 

                Also this year, I took a hiatus from the Power Rangers Podcast but mind you both Larry and I are very much highly interested in continuing the collaboration podcast but at this time, my schedule does not permit it and I will be on a busy schedule as of next Monday as my mom is going in for surgery on her knee I will be extremely busy taking care of her for the next 5 - 6 weeks but will be around the studio a bit more then usual but will not be going very very far.  I need to have the open time to work on the preparation side of things which right now I do not have at this moment. My eyes are right on the feeds almost 24 hours a day. So it is hard. Anyways I am happier now as big things are coming and the fact I do have a team now behind me helping me out in different departments on the team and I should of let people help me sooner then I expected but I let people reach out to me and I am making sure I have the right staff who will be willing to help me out.  I can say Dave is now active since the fall last year who is now camera for the events I go to well some of the events, not all of em. Again I will explain soon enough.


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