Monday, March 18, 2019

Taking a Spiritual Journey During Lent

             I know I do not talk about my religious side of my life but I wanted to share with you guys that this year I have decided to take a spiritual journey this year during the Lenten journey over the course of the weeks. I have obviously given up chocolate and junk food and fasting too a lot especially on the 2 no meat days that are my no meat days which is usually Wednesday and another day which is normally whatever my dad chooses normally so it does depend on the day. Also since Lent has begun, I have also gone to Friday night stations of the cross to add on to the list and I have also trying to go to church during the week but with my recent sleeping habits, I have failed that part of my Lenten journey but planning on fixing that and getting to a weekday mass down the line too.  I am trying to get closer to the Lord during this Lent Season. I really want to get closer to him as I went into a dark place from 2016 - 2018 with everything going wrong for me and Chris B On The Web and also friendships going south on me, has made me realize, I need to be more patient with things and it's true, I have a long way to go to being a more patient person.

                 I know come Easter I want to be a different person then I was from the start, a much more happier person. I am ready the daily readings and if I have doubts, I open up the Bible. This spiritual journey will bring be closer to God and on Holy Week which is the week that leads up to Easter is when I do a lot of traveling, the Tuesday is the Chrism Mass in Toronto, then Church for Holy Thursday, Friday for Good Friday service which we go back to Toronto for that and Easter Vigil which we also are in Toronto. So that week, we will be in Toronto 3 times which is fine with me but the week after that I'm back in there yet again. I really wanna make this a very spiritual journey for me and so far I have done fairly well and I am going to continue on my journey as I have so far done well and I have learnt new tricks to help me through my everyday life.


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