Monday, March 18, 2019

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

            I Gotta say this, Happy St. Patrick's Day! I know I am not Irish but I do indulge this day and made a tradition with my dad to go down to the pub for a whiskey and beer to celebrate and probably is the 1 time I really have more then 1 drink but no more then 2 drinks honestly as I cannot hold my alcohol as I end feel like I feel woosey after 2. Anyways the tradition continues each and every year. My dad and I always go down the hill from us to the Bulldog for Irish Whiskey, Jamieson brand and also a beer. However I had two whiskey's today as I didn't feel like a beer and a whiskey. I have had 2 beers before but that was still when I was still working at the book store which isn't even open anymore as they closed down both of their stores. Anyways I am a social drinker and will drink special times of the year and this is one of those times of the year I go with my dad down and once and a while we will pop down for a beer as well but not too often as my schedule as you know is busy as it is being behind the microphone quite a lot. 

           We had a ton of fun. No entertainment mind you, however they had Irish music going but we figured out that the entertainment comes later which would be a busier place then it was this afternoon when we were down there. Anyways besides the drinks, we also had a small bite to eat and you are definitely wondering what I had is I had Montreal Smoke Meat which is well known in Montreal. I also had fries with it and it was very delicious, the fries were a little over salty but still very good to me and I ate it regardless. I know this post is very late as I got busy with other things and amazing things happening around the studio which in time you will know but all and all, I had a great time and a great day and I hope you all had a great St Pattie's Day as well and blog will be back right on schedule tomorrow.


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