Thursday, January 31, 2019

Me Cussing At My Crew At The 50th Episode, Was It Real? (Throwback Thursday Story)

                I know I mentioned a while ago I would do a throwback Thursday story for you guys and I am sure I never really talked about this in the past but the day I recorded The Entertainment Man Talk Show's 50th Episode on June 23rd, 2009 and it wasn't the easiest day of any of the taping's of an episode to be honest. This also includes the rehearsal of the event. I know I tried to pick a fight with an ex crew member of mine but he did drop the camera which is honestly expensive equipment to be honest, especially a digital camera so I went into insulting him and it wasn't fake like most of you would say, it was true stress going on as I wanted this event to run smoothly with 0 hiccups which there was some issues here and there but I will get into that shortly. There was a lot of things wrong with the event but other then that the rehearsal for the 50th episode and the season finale went fine.

                Now the season finale which happened to have a lot of drama and it was real drama which not only was stressful for me but stressful for the team. We forgot to get ice as we needed the extra ice to keep the drinks cold for the reception after so I was the one elected to walk all the way down the hill and back up the bloody hill which took at least 20 - 30 minutes including picking up ice and nobody went with me to help me carry it back which pissed me right off.  Also I went off at my staff and that scene which I now regret posting up on YouTube is now out there and exposed to the world what went on and easy to find and I will not mention the title of that video as eventually that old channel will be con put gone from the internet.  Again another blog post for another day.

                One other problem I had was with one of my team members taking over the event but I understand why they did as I needed to focus on the producing/directing and host so I cannot do everything but another event which is for another day on a different post but I mean I honestly had everything under control during the 50th and I was listening to everyone's ideas. I think in the end we were all stressed as we were pressed for time as guests couldn't be there till 3 so it was tough to keep it on schedule and get the taping done but there was one that stayed longer whom is a long time friend of mine for almost 20 years now. Either way the episode came out very well and appreciated the time and effort my team put into it despite the stress I was going through but they know I wanted everything to succeed. 


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