Friday, February 1, 2019

My Favorite and Least Favorite Items on The Binding of Isaac

              I have to give a shoutout to my followers on Twitch on my Twitch channel for this idea as we were in discussing it during one of my runs on The Binding of Isaac last Saturday which I would like to say it was an incredible first stream back, was so overwhelming to see the amount of listeners in the stream for my first stream back on Twitch. Anyways, today I will be listing my favorite items and why and here is my list:

Least Favorite Items:

-  Lemon Mishap: No clue what the heck it does or what real use honestly, nor the purpose of the item is. 

-   The Poop: No clue what use this really makes to me honestly or the purpose of the item anyways.

-    Dead Cat: I demise this item and sometimes I end up getting  by accident from time to time but I am starting to get better at not getting this item but there is a challenge that I need to do with dead cat item so it will be interesting to complete it.

Favorite Items:

- Ipecac: The explosive shots is 1 of the 2 favorite items I love and when I get this item, I get excited when I do get this item but it has been a while since i have gotten the item lately but cannot always get this item.

- Brimstone: I had no clue how it worked at the start but then instantly fell in love with it but it has been a rare item to get from the devil deals or else where in the game but when I do get the opportunity I will take it.

- Technology or Technology 2: Love this item and was actually one of the most earliest items I ever got actually on top of another item which will be my last listed favorite on my list on today's blog post.

- Orbitals: Such as Brother Bobby, Sister Maggy, Harlequin Baby, Ghost Baby, Little Steve and much more, was one of my very first items I got on the game I previously said and I believe I had 3 or 4 at once at one point.

              There is my list, hope you guys enjoyed reading my post today, like I said at the start of the post today, I was inspired by my Twitch followers and listeners that gave me this great idea and I thank you for this inspiration. Tomorrow's blog post was suppose to be a weight loss update but I need to hold off so I am doing something different to give you guys the heads up now.


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