Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Favorite Moments With C3-PO In The Star Wars Trilogy...

              I noticed something in Star Wars Movies, quite often C3-PO the lovable protocol droid in the movies gets blown to pieces and I will talk about it. Don't get me wrong every time this happens, I just shake my head and laugh as I got use to C3-PO's craziness. I will even highlight some of the moment's in the movie I enjoyed:

1.  C3-PO meeting R2-D2 for the first time and R2 said he's naked, his part's are showing and R2's beeping sounds in a laugh.

2. Threepio head and bottom detached and his head re attached to a battle droid which we all know are not the strongest in the movies technically. Battle droid head was put on his body so you can imagine what it looks like if you have not seen the movies, but I am sure majority of you guys have. 

3. He was shooting at his own Allies as it re-programmed him to be evil and especially what he said and then saying what did I say? Ha ha, that never gets old. He has to realize the lower half of his body is a droid and his head, well it's himself. 

4. His body got hit in the line of fire and his head detached and R2-D2 used his magnet and dragged his head across the ground and of course his weird sense humor saying "This is such a drag." Technically it is as his head is being dragged across the dirt of the complex he was in during that battle. 

5. Finally, I don't think there was much that happened in A New Hope however in Empire Strikes Back, he goes into a room in Cloud City and gets blasted into pieces. Chewie repairs him but puts his head on backwards, ha-ha & his legs were repaired by R2-D2 minus the bottom half of the one leg as R2-D2 fixed the Hyper Drive and poor Threepio goes flying... lol

                 Seems like every movie or at least every second movie he gets himself into trouble but don't forget him and R2-D2 are a dynamic duo and the comedic relief in the movies. I do not think there was a moment in Ep 7 & 8 that was funny with those two. They were in several scenes that is it but maybe Ep # 9 will have em in it more, never know but I am now excited for Episode # 9 at the end of this year and it will be a great movie as I have heard rumors like I have spoken about before on this blog.


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