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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Favorite Dishes To Cook....

              There are tons of dishes I have done well and in today's post I am going to highlight the dishes that I think I have mastered finally. Don't get me wrong, I am planning to cook other things but right now, I am focusing on the present dishes I have done but I will address the other dishes I would like to at the end of today's blog post.

1) Fettuccine Alfredo, with either Chicken or shrimp: I have I think at this point, mastered this dish, it tastes even better each and every time. It does take some time to master the recipe but I am indeed a fast learner.

2) Spaghetti, Such an easy dish, warm up the sauce my mom pre-made which mind you I am going to learn the sauce recipe which yes it takes several hours to make as we do a no meat sauce and a meat sauce.

3) I am the king of cooking chicken now as I am able to cook the meat right through. Apparently I have a knack to cooking it. I think I do about 2 - 2.5 minutes per side and rotate it at least 3 times enough for it to be white in the middle not pink.

4) Meatloaf- Learned different types of meatloaf recipes, turkey loaf, chicken meatloaf and of course the traditional beef meatloaf but I know how to make it very easily. 

5) Burgers or Sliders- I was antsy with cooking burger seeing the red meat inside I can just hear Chef Ramsey's  saying "IT'S RAAAW!" haha But it turned out very well either way or.

                There is the dishes I can cook and there is tons more but again, I cannot list everything as this blog post would be endless post. I can give some honorable mentions like I learned how to roast a turkey, same with a whole chicken. Also how to cook a pork tenderloin on a BBQ. I am getting quite handy at the stove or the BBQ and there is plenty of dishes that I want to cook such as Carbonara, Risotto, my moms Spaghetti Sauce, the list is quite hefty and long and I cannot remember everything from the top of my head but I am looking forward to getting into more cooking once this cold of mine subsides and finally goes the heck away as of right now I am still dealing with a bit of a cough and rather wait to cook then cough all over the food but that is besides the point of today's post.


Friday, January 4, 2019

I Also Want To Cook Different Dishes This Year!

             In the New Year I plan on cooking up a start a storm and I got a pile of different of dishes on the list and in today's blog post I will definitely point out which ones I plan on cooking. I can say some of these dishes are different from what I have done in the past which is good to learn some new dishes and some of these I am listed are from the TV Show Hell's Kitchen. Actually 2 of them were from the TV Show and where the idea came from but without further ado, here is my list:

1) Risotto- Which is a Hell's Kitchen staple in the TV Show itself this is why I wanted to try and make it and see how I do with it but it is kind of scary to live up to the expectations on the show but I do need to find a recipe online first to which Risotto I want to do. I do got a bit of an idea which one I want to do which is-- Mushroom Risotto.

2) Carbonara- This also was or use to be on the Hell' Kitchen list on the show but I haven't seen it recently. But it is a dish I always wanted to try out and see if I can make a mean Carbonara dish like on the show.

3) Beer Battered Fish- I wanted to try my own beer battered fish from scratch and see how it turns out and hopefully i do not over do it where i screw things up but I gotta stay positive though.

                    I do not remember all on list, but there is more but this is just a bit on the list for cooking and I cannot do it all at once but even once a month I would like to cook something for my parents and always nice to try and cook something new then what we normally have on a regular or even a weekly basis! Either way I want to start cooking a ton more in this year and it will happen even if it is on a weekly basis with dishes I do know and have made in the past too!