Saturday, December 1, 2018

Everything About Reality TV & The CBOTW Show Schedule for January 2019!

             So I have finally found the full on timetable for Celebrity Big Brother US and I will be covering it on the podcast this year coming up for the first time ever so I am trying this out and it is only running 3 weeks from January 21st - February 13th, 2019 and below is be the Everything About Reality TV & The CBOTW Schedule below Starting January 4th, 2019:

Everything About Reality TV Schedule:

Week # 1:

Wednesday, Jan 23rd @ 9 pm EST (Covering Monday & Tuesday)

Saturday, Jan 26th @ 9 pm EST (Covering Wednesday & Friday)

Week # 2:

Wednesday, Jan 30th @ 9 pm EST (Covering Sunday & Monday)

Sunday, Feb 3rd @ 9 pm EST (Covering Wednesday & Saturday)

Week # 3:

Wednesday, Feb 6th @ 9 pm EST (Covering Monday)

Saturday, Feb 9th @ 9 pm EST (Covering Thursday & Friday)

Week # 4:

Thursday, Feb 14th @ 9 pm EST

The CBOTW Show Schedule:

Fridays (January 4th, 2019): @ 9 pm EST: Music City (Season 2) Recaps

             There is the schedule and I know it looks very off with it fluctuating around from all 4 weeks but I am going according to the schedule of the the broadcast schedule which you can find @ which is a reliable schedule and I plan on doing something similar like I did for this on the Big Brother Canada 7 schedule, I plan on doing that twice a week as well, so i hope this test will be a big hit for you guys, double the Big Brother recap fun! I am so excited and hard to contain my excitement but all I can say hurry the heck up 2019! LOL!


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