Friday, November 30, 2018

CP Holiday Train 2018

               I got to go to the CP Holiday train right behind one of our local Walmart's here and I didn't go with my dad, I went with my friend Dave who is being tested out as a potential camera man for Chris B On The Web. That's right I will have an assistant if all is well and right now I am evaluating his work for yesterday.  I met up with him around 145 pm as I had to go to the Dollarama to get a note pad and pens and mind you the 1 pen out of the pack of 2 died outside, despite the 2nd working out of nowhere. We had a few minutes at the food court table but then had to leave to get the bus no longer after I arrived at the food court. So we left, Dave had to stop at the dollar store himself to get some drinks for the time we were down behind Walmart. We got on the bus and arrived to the back of the Walmart. I left the can food I brought to donate to Feed Durham and we got into our spot to stand and watch the music. Also we got to shake hands with our Mayor whom will be not out Mayor anymore as he was elected to the Regional Chair. Also I saw both my Regional and Local Councillors for our ward there as well. 

               The train came and we listened to Kelly Prescott, Sierra Noble which Kelly Prescott and Sierra Noble are Country Artists. Kelly was on the guitar and Sierra with her wicked fiddle playing and I could not believe how fast she played the fiddle. I was really in complete aw with the way she played the fiddle the entire time. There was a couple of songs I recognized that were Christmas related songs, such as Deck The Halls & Run Rudolph Run as well. Also they sang some songs they wrote so it was nice to mix it up from Christmas to regular Country. I actually started to appreciate Country music a bit more and I am planning on listening to Terri Clark on YouTube as I have not really listened to her music before. Yes Terri Clark came out at the very end of this performance so they saved the best for last and it was a great performance by all 3 of them. Yes all three played together and so well mind you. 

                In conclusion to today's blog post, I really hope they come back through the city here again next year as I think it was a big hit with people and was a great turnout for the Holiday Train 2018. Not every year it comes through, it's like sometimes every 2nd year it will stopped here but I would like to have it come through but honestly, beggers cannot be choosers but we can only hope they do come back next year and I can add this to the list if they are coming through but do not expect an announcement till it gets closer to the date of the train coming through the town. Was pretty neat with all the music they squeezed in in 35 minutes of them actually being there to perform for us. I know they are now on their way to British Columbia as that is their final destination point. We both had a good time and let's see who will be singing next year. 


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