Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Future of Chris B On The Web... (Updated!)

            This will probably be in two parts one for the main part of Chris B On The Web and the second part is what will be aired on the air through our newly re-inquired The CBOTW Network that was unfortunately abandoned due to the need of having a network wasn't a need at the time anymore. I will talk about that in this post, including what I have already mentioned to you guys before so here is the list of things to expect with CBOTW in 2019:

  • I have been talking about this for the last 2 months at the most but will be back and active as a website again once the domain is fully expired and the expected time to have it back up is by end of the year, early 2019 at the most as I planned this ahead of time to aim and get the site back up by end of this year at the most. This is the better plan to have this site as the .com as it has done extremely well compare to the other website so this experiment has indeed worked out.
  • Also Everything About Reality TV will be planning to bring on a second host for the Celebrity Big Brother (If the host is confirmed for it), Big Brother Canada 7 & Big Brother 21 if Julie continues to host) but either way when I go away I can not worry about hosting while I am away for a week seeing family as I am planning to go away but hoping to save up for a laptop to take with me on the trip so I can upload the episodes to the platforms as I will be the one to do that. Also this will take the extra stress off of me and I think it is time for this change to happen.
  • I will be definitely being going back to most of the same events next year. End of next year I will add back the Tyrone Parade of Lights to the list once again as this year there are no plans on going back due to my birthday being on the same day but it will be back. Also I am not sure yet but I may be removing myself from Autism Celebration as I wasn't happy with the turn out but I will let you guys know. Also I would like to attend the Itailian Festival in Toronto this year but we will see how things go. I may swamp out the food truck Friday for the Italian and maybe just rotate every year for once.
  • Finally Both Larry and I will be conclude this epic Zordon era of the Power Rangers (Mighty Morphin, Zeo, Turbo & In Space) and also have a general discussion about the last 6 seasons of the Zordon era and we have already been pre-planning this already and have had many discussions about it too.


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