Sunday, January 17, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [01-17-2021]

               Another week is upon us and I have a couple of updates but not too many updates even tho the last week has had it's dramatics and Boss Man quite shaken up of the recent events he's unsure about things and that's OK. As I said yesterday he's returning tomorrow and please be nice to him.  I'm sorry to sound harsh but speaking on behalf of his team, we want him in good spirits and his Mental Health better. I've said this many times, we work hard everyday on content for you guys. Anyways to the updates:

Discord: Our Discord Server has been removed once and for all, Chris had enough of the drama on there and he wasn't happy whatsoever. He decided to remove it and he's removed himself from Discord all together and using Skype and Zoom for Podcasts.

Entertainment Man Podcast: He was suppose to be interviewing Larry but cause of what I said above, that never happened and he is quite disappointed that the interview never happened and he has made a decision to reach out on his list by tomorrow and see who he can get and if he can't then what he will do an topic for you guys.

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast: With the recent drama I said above, this Podcast is now in limbo and those are his words exactly. I know how he is feeling and things kind of were messed up for him and this Collab and this is why he is going through with this Hiatus and he will be working on SPD, Mystic Force and beyond even if this doesn't happen whatsoever cause of the ongoing arguments between both parties, he just wants to be prepared and ready in case things get better. This goes beyond catching up notes now, it goes towards fixing things between them if this even happens down the road. The Podcast will be moved off the main menu under "Podcasts" and moved into a temporary archives while decisions are made with the future of this Collaboration Podcast.

                 That is what I had to say and I had to say my peace on all of this. I am disappointed in what has happened and the fact PR Collab has to suffer cause of a choice someone made and Chris has every right to be upset over this. He works long hours on this and he had every right to feeling the way he is feeling right now. He could be working on other projects as well on a weekly basis which he has been working on but more information coming next weekend's weekly update and until then I will talk to you all next week.

Matt, Site Admin/CBOTW Management

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