Monday, January 18, 2021

Addressing Last Week and Updates....

              Yes I have returned to blogging and I will address that at the end of today's post. Last week was full of drama between myself and my Co-Host of Power Rangers Podcast and to be honest, now I do not know where we stand with this collab and I should of kept quiet and not say anything or send him anything this situation would of been a bit better moving forward. The reason for the server going down was because of reasons I cannot discuss at this moment. I gotta keep professional at all time during this. In this blog I am doing to discuss 2 things that are now affected by recent events and the first one is the interview and the reason of it happening was because something  happened and now there is an opening for interviews and I am working on getting an interview for the 31st at this moment and I do have someone lined up but I have to do have someone in mind right now and he is familiar to ChrisBOnTheWeb and involved with the website. He also went to High School with me and I will leave it at that and you guys will see who it is, well hear who it is. I am excited for this interview and this is the start of interviews. As for the other interview, well it's been put aside at this time. 😟

             The next part if talking about Power Rangers Collaboration and it's future.... I can say this: Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast will be tucked under Archives some point in the spring once it goes on hiatus where you guys can catch up with past episodes are done in the meantime and I will keep Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast listed in my bio for the time being while we figure out what is going to happen with this project and if it is going to go to the way side for good or it will be coming back fully. I also wanna state I will be working on future Collaboration Podcasts for that series and soon as I am done Dino Thunder, I will be moving into SPD and Mystic Force and so on in case things get better. I am trying to remain optimistic with this series will return and it is all that I can really do is stay optimistic for the hopes of a return sometime this year. As for Dino Thunder, if this situation isn't fixed anytime soon, I do have a Guest lined up in case and if it does get fixed the Guest will still come on regardless. I wanna thank, my Management Team for their help through this hard time, especially Matt who took the reigns of this blog for an entire week. I promise to try and blog a bit more as I am sure you guys missed me not being around much but I ensure you things are under control now.


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