Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Batman (1989) & Batman Forever (1995) Movie Review

              I been wanting to do this for a while now and a few weeks ago, I got to sit down and watch Batman and I believe that was during my down time with Christmas so that could of been when I watched the movie during the time off from CBOTW. So Michael Keaton was in this movie as Batman which mind you Michael Keaton is an great actor and not really sure if he is still acting to this day, Billy Dee Williams which we all know him from Star Wars 5 and 6 and 9 who played Lando Calrissen and he plays Two Face aka Harvey Dent in the movie which he was a great Two Face, I didn't know it was him till I looked it up after the movie. Also Kim Bassigner and Jack Nicolson who played the Joker. Now his role as the Joker, he did an amazing job as always as I have seen 3 movies with him in it which the other two is Anger Management & The Shining which I will do an review eventually here on the blog. I loved the movie and seen 3 out of the real life Batman movies. The Action of the movie was amazing. The Bat-Mobile is more high tech as you get through the movies. The movie was well put together and kept you entertain right through. I was only 3 going on 4 in 1989 technically. I admit the Bat Cave was a lot different different from the 1966 TV Batman. I would give a 10 out of 10 out of this movie and would watch it again!

               You thought that was the end of this post, huh? Well surprise! Two reviews within one post for once. So the second review as the title says I am doing a second Batman, this time I want to review is Batman Forever, which I went to see with my aunts in 1995 as I spent a day with them every week while my parents were at work during my summer off from school and we happened to go see this amazing movie. This movie has another amazing actor as Batman, George Clooney and of course the famous comedian, Jim Carrey which I am a huuuge Jim Carrey Fan and I've seen almost every movie he's done. This movie had it's serious moments and action pack with the addition of Chris O'Donnell as Robin The Boy of Wonder. However, you have in the addition to this movie some funny moments as Jim Carrey brings ins the comedic side of thing. Especially the "Riddle Me This. Riddle Me That, Who's Afraid of The Big Black Bat?" Once again I would give this movie a 10 out of 10 and I really enjoyed these movies together and watched them back to back. Hope you guys enjoyed this review and I will talk to you guys tomorrow. 


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