Thursday, January 21, 2021

Will There Be An The Entertainment Man Talk Show Reunion Tour?

               I know I've been editing all the old videos lately while in Isolation from the world during this pandemic and I have had time to think and I'd like to do a Reunion Tour with Eric down the road and while on our journey take a walk down memory lane but this wouldn't be for a long time and by that time, I could change my mind to be honest. However it has been many years now since we went off air and this would be a cool idea to do a walking tour and maybe I will bring the camera with me take some videos, pictures and remember the good times I once had with the team. Maybe even I could make a trip to Whitby, Ajax and just remember how much fun the series was. It could even be done here in the house remember where the series was majority of Season 3, 4, 5 and 6 was filmed at. We may have not gone too far on this series but it will be nice to walk where we filmed and just remember and talk about it. I wanna do the videos as part of the content for Facebook and IGTV just for you guys and it is an opportunity knocking. 

                 However remember that we are still in a pandemic and it will be quite sometime until things get back to normal and see friends in person as there is no way for me to get in or out of my area as it is on demand service and I totally refuse to actually take it as the bus service has made me quite angry and I've blocked their fan page at this point as I asked em a question and was totally ignored but it was besides the point. Anyways I am getting quite off topic so to speak and I should get back on track with this post. During this isolation, I can start thinking about where I wanna go etc. I can also start working on how I would like to do this, the order of how I wanna do. Anyways I will not rule it out right now if I would do this but it wouldn't be just me, I'd have to do it with an alum and I haven't really asked around much. That is today's post and I hope you enjoyed this random ramblings of mine and I we will see how things are post pandemic and all I can do is plan and that is what I am doing right now.


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