Friday, January 22, 2021

Video Game Updates [01-22-2021]

              I have a few updates with video games to update you guys on and there is a few on the list. So I have played some games between recording the site and what not and without further ado here are the updates:

The Sims 4: After the Sims 4 corrupted on me, now it is is actually re installed everything seems to be working and nothing was really affected by the game, meaning the files with Sims seem to be fine so I have no clue what is going on honestly.

Surgeon Simulator: I got the game but didn't last more then a minute as I found it really difficult to pass so I said the heck with it and I got my 10 bucks back for the game as I thought it wasn't worth the money honestly. 

Spelunky 2: As for Spelunky 2, I've gotten to 1-4 on the game but the big guy that rolls around got me and the part that is really getting me more and more frustrated with the game moving forward and I have considered quitting and stopping it completely for a while but that is no me, I wanna keep going and trying to beat the game all together. 

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth: I have gotten back to Isaac and apparently have started to dominate the game and been playing with Azazel a bit more and I ended up getting one of my favorite items Ipecac and I thought this item wasn't a thing in this game. Hey I guess I got it now.

             There are the updates and I will do another update when I see it fits as I hardly have had time to play videos games right now and I guess work is my priority and I am sure in time I will end up having more time for video games but right now it just not the time nor place. I hope you guys enjoyed this update and I will see you guys in tomorrow's post!


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