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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

The Binding of Isaac After Birth + and Spelunky 2 Updates!

                    I have an update on The Binding of Isaac. I got to play a bit over the weekend while on an hour break from working hard. The first update out of 2 is I had Isaac who threw bombs at things which mind you it was like Dr. Fetus in the vanilla and was quite easy to handle after a few fail attempts and I went all the way to the end and completed the challenge that I was doing. Also I have since my last update month or so ago unlocked the flooded caves which is really cool and you can literally hear the drip, drip, drip sound which is cool and gives it an cool floor to play.  Also the burned floors that look like lava and fire is cool but the only problem it is a bit darker and harder to see what is what but I am adjusting to them playing it a bit more and getting use to it. The other update is I tried a Samson run and went pretty far, I went to MOM but ended up dying after but soooo close to the end yet again. I have noticed that I am going deep into runs these days and everyday I am getting better and better at this game. I wish I can put the dedication into Spelunky 2 which I will get into next.

                    As I said I wish I would do a lot better at Spelunky but I seem to some how end up dying and fast and I do not like those yellow dude that roll up and rolls around the floors and hits me and to be honest, I hate these dudes... Really frustrating to be honest! I can also tell you the truth, I have given up on Spelunky 2 all together.... I cannot seem to do anything right and is not worth my time and I think I am just done with this all at this point. I rather play videos game that I would do better at and is at the bottom of my list at this moment. Anyways that is my updates for gaming and if I got anymore, I will do another post on another week. Until tomorrow, have a great rest of your Tuesday!


Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Spelunky 2 Video Game (What Happened To Me Playing The Game?)

            I know this hasn't surfaced in months, maybe since last year at the most. I wanted to give it a fair shake at a review. This game definitely has some differences from the original game and it's quite tougher especially the big ball guy that tries to run you down and I actually got a chance to play it with a remote and actually found it a ton easier to play with compare to the mouse and keyboard. I really should of given it more of a chance but I found it hard to get passed the Jungle and that is where I actually made it up to the Jungle portion of the game and I think I just kind of gave up after that at that point. However I am planning to resurrect the game again and actually plan on playing the game once again. It's been a long coming since I've played the game and it will be a thing soon enough. I think the fact I got play frustrated with the game didn't help and I pretty much raged quit. 

            Like I said I plan on making that change soon and I wanna go in depth with the video and I need to get a little more deeper into the game to have that opportunity. This also goes for the original Spelunky which I haven't been playing. Most of the time I've dug into The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth + and Minecraft from time to time when I have the time. So eventually I will get back to it but I wanna continue with the game and give you guys that review you guys have been long awaiting for. Anyways that is the post for today.... HOWEVER, there will be a bonus post that is coming out this afternoon at 2 pm EST, 3 hours from when this post went up on 


Friday, January 22, 2021

Video Game Updates [01-22-2021]

              I have a few updates with video games to update you guys on and there is a few on the list. So I have played some games between recording the site and what not and without further ado here are the updates:

The Sims 4: After the Sims 4 corrupted on me, now it is is actually re installed everything seems to be working and nothing was really affected by the game, meaning the files with Sims seem to be fine so I have no clue what is going on honestly.

Surgeon Simulator: I got the game but didn't last more then a minute as I found it really difficult to pass so I said the heck with it and I got my 10 bucks back for the game as I thought it wasn't worth the money honestly. 

Spelunky 2: As for Spelunky 2, I've gotten to 1-4 on the game but the big guy that rolls around got me and the part that is really getting me more and more frustrated with the game moving forward and I have considered quitting and stopping it completely for a while but that is no me, I wanna keep going and trying to beat the game all together. 

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth: I have gotten back to Isaac and apparently have started to dominate the game and been playing with Azazel a bit more and I ended up getting one of my favorite items Ipecac and I thought this item wasn't a thing in this game. Hey I guess I got it now.

             There are the updates and I will do another update when I see it fits as I hardly have had time to play videos games right now and I guess work is my priority and I am sure in time I will end up having more time for video games but right now it just not the time nor place. I hope you guys enjoyed this update and I will see you guys in tomorrow's post!


Monday, November 2, 2020

Spelunky 2 & PGATour2k21 Updates!

                I told you guys and promised that you guys that I'd do an update on the video games between the two and I am excited to say that I have made some progress and really big progress on both of the games. So I wanna start with Spelunky 2 and I have officially made it to Caves 1-4 and the unfortunately I ended up being rolled over by this big dude and I didn't have anything handy in my items as I used em up which was a mistake. Also I didn't know where I had to go and it was in a hole in one of the sides. But I have to be swift and quick to make the move or destroy the ball rolling guy whatever his name is. Not sure what it is what it is called whatsoever and I couldn't tell you. I have been even very sneaky with the shop keeper and using the machete on the game. One there was an explosion in the shop on Spelunky 2 and the Shop Keeper was sacrificed by Kalli by accident lol. Was funny actually and it was honestly the funniest thing that I have ever seen, however I am having a ton of fun with this game and I can officially now say that I have been able to reach Caves 1-4.

                   The next game I want to mention is PGATour2K21 and I can tell you guys now that I am dominating every single event or tournament which in English that means that I have won every single tournament so far and in this Genesis Tournament I am in the lead with a few strokes at this point. I had it on very easy, then easy then I think it's on normal but still a very easy to and I think I am just too good at the game. If you remember me saying at one point I have played the Tiger Woods Golf series for PC in the past and very familiar with these types of games to be honest and honestly I am enjoying both games I have updated you guys on. I will keep you guys in the loop with updates as I get them. I hope you guys enjoyed today's post and I really wanted to do this update and you guys got the update. I will talk to you guys on tomorrow's post.


Wednesday, October 14, 2020

I Am Hooked On Spelunky 2 and PGATour2k21!

                I admit I am addicted to the games I mentioned in the title of the blog today and I am really addicted to it. I wanna start with Spelunky 2. I know I am not very good at it and have a tenancy of dying at the very start of the game especially on my daily challenge runs which I rage so bad when it happens. However I gotta remember, new game, I have to adjust to the game and I am going to start playing with my remote if I have to.  Either way I am getting better I have made it to Caves 1-3 and I think I might of made it to 1-4 but not to the Jungle as of yet but soon enough. I am watching a playthrough from Dan Gheesling winner of Big Brother 10 and Runner Up of Big Brother 14. So I am learning from him and most of the games he plays is how I got into some of these games and he is my go to for tips and help which is always good to have that tool to help in a video game. However I am enjoying playing the game and I like it a ton better then the original Spelunky even tho I never finished the game and it is still on my list to finish on my spare time but Spelunky 2 is sooo addicting! I cannot seem to stop playing the game even during my lunch break from working on CONTENT, I am finding myself playing for an hour for the heck of it or the game I am going to talk about next.

                So with that, I wanna talk about PGATour2K21. YES a game that I once raged quit on and just stopped playing. I am now addicted to that game. Why? Because I have finally learned how to putt on the game. In the last 12 + hours I have won the qualifying round, earned my PGA Tour Card and won my first PGA Tour Tournament. I am currently also in the lead of the second tournament of my guys career so I am working hard! I cannot put the game down, I am addicted and love to play some golf. I am dominating the game and I find it too addicting and easy now. I think I will have to end up putting up the difficulty level with the game. I am actually a Level 13 or 14 now in the game and find that I am moving up in the levels quite quickly. In the end, this is two go to games I play on top of Pooligans that I play on a daily basis and enjoying playing it.


Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Spelunky 2 Video Game Review!

                    I recently purchased on Steam for $20.51 which it was on sale with 5 or 10% off on the game.  I play for a bit in the mornings when I first get up every morning and play and I really suck at it to be honest but I am not giving up that easily and I have made some progress on the game and I almost made it out of the Caves once but ended up dying. The one thing I don't like are those yellow guys that roll up in a ball and try to run you down it is very annoying but I found if I throw a bomb at the enemy on the game, it helps a lot with the game in the end. Also the spiders and the bats are a pain as well but less the issue. I notice they have these things that can pound you and has been a problem.  Today's daily challenge I didn't last more then a minute and I was dead. So now I have to wait till tomorrow to play yet another daily.  However I like this game and enjoying it a lot more then Spelunky 1, the original game. There is a lot of work ahead of me and I am sure I will get to it one of these days. I am enjoying it and I plan on playing a little bit per day.

                   I still give this game a 10 out of 10 as it is such an amazing game. Yes I may suck at the game but I have been watching Dan on YouTube since it came out on PlayStation and I love the graphics on the game  and it is soooo good! I am so eager to play a lot of hours with this game and maybe I should trying using my remote and probably make a difference and I have used it with Spelunky the original game and it has helped me out really. It has made a difference with the game and I think it gives me a lot more control with the movement. Keyboard is not as good as I thought and I really wanna start using my Logitech remote control for video games.  Anyways I enjoy the game and enjoy playing it and I'm sure on weekends I will be playing it a ton more as I take off weekends from the day to day operations.