Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Spelunky 2 Video Game (What Happened To Me Playing The Game?)

            I know this hasn't surfaced in months, maybe since last year at the most. I wanted to give it a fair shake at a review. This game definitely has some differences from the original game and it's quite tougher especially the big ball guy that tries to run you down and I actually got a chance to play it with a remote and actually found it a ton easier to play with compare to the mouse and keyboard. I really should of given it more of a chance but I found it hard to get passed the Jungle and that is where I actually made it up to the Jungle portion of the game and I think I just kind of gave up after that at that point. However I am planning to resurrect the game again and actually plan on playing the game once again. It's been a long coming since I've played the game and it will be a thing soon enough. I think the fact I got play frustrated with the game didn't help and I pretty much raged quit. 

            Like I said I plan on making that change soon and I wanna go in depth with the video and I need to get a little more deeper into the game to have that opportunity. This also goes for the original Spelunky which I haven't been playing. Most of the time I've dug into The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth + and Minecraft from time to time when I have the time. So eventually I will get back to it but I wanna continue with the game and give you guys that review you guys have been long awaiting for. Anyways that is the post for today.... HOWEVER, there will be a bonus post that is coming out this afternoon at 2 pm EST, 3 hours from when this post went up on ChrisBOnTheWeb.com. 


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