Wednesday, October 14, 2020

I Am Hooked On Spelunky 2 and PGATour2k21!

                I admit I am addicted to the games I mentioned in the title of the blog today and I am really addicted to it. I wanna start with Spelunky 2. I know I am not very good at it and have a tenancy of dying at the very start of the game especially on my daily challenge runs which I rage so bad when it happens. However I gotta remember, new game, I have to adjust to the game and I am going to start playing with my remote if I have to.  Either way I am getting better I have made it to Caves 1-3 and I think I might of made it to 1-4 but not to the Jungle as of yet but soon enough. I am watching a playthrough from Dan Gheesling winner of Big Brother 10 and Runner Up of Big Brother 14. So I am learning from him and most of the games he plays is how I got into some of these games and he is my go to for tips and help which is always good to have that tool to help in a video game. However I am enjoying playing the game and I like it a ton better then the original Spelunky even tho I never finished the game and it is still on my list to finish on my spare time but Spelunky 2 is sooo addicting! I cannot seem to stop playing the game even during my lunch break from working on CONTENT, I am finding myself playing for an hour for the heck of it or the game I am going to talk about next.

                So with that, I wanna talk about PGATour2K21. YES a game that I once raged quit on and just stopped playing. I am now addicted to that game. Why? Because I have finally learned how to putt on the game. In the last 12 + hours I have won the qualifying round, earned my PGA Tour Card and won my first PGA Tour Tournament. I am currently also in the lead of the second tournament of my guys career so I am working hard! I cannot put the game down, I am addicted and love to play some golf. I am dominating the game and I find it too addicting and easy now. I think I will have to end up putting up the difficulty level with the game. I am actually a Level 13 or 14 now in the game and find that I am moving up in the levels quite quickly. In the end, this is two go to games I play on top of Pooligans that I play on a daily basis and enjoying playing it.


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