Tuesday, October 13, 2020

My Thanksgiving 2020!

                My Thanksgiving was sort of interesting. Most of the time was me working on podcast notes and podcasts yet alone. I worked Friday, Saturday, Sunday and half day yesterday after my manager explicitly told me to take the weekend off but I refused that recommendation of his... lmao... I do promise you guys I will day at least one day off soon just when is the question and I cannot keep going non stop but I don't find it hard to work day in, day out, I actually find it quite easy actually so it's really not that bad honestly. So the Thanksgiving Dinner side we had my Grandma, Aunt and Uncle over for dinner. We had a big Ham, Mashed Potatoes, buns, Carrots, and Corn. We did not over do the dinner really and we had olives and pickles as well which I am more a pickles kind of person actually.  I was really happy my Grandma made it whom is 95 years old and was really good to see her as I recently have been talking to her through the phone lately.

                Either way my Thanksgiving was good, I had sometime to relax and get my mind off the workload and honestly I almost thought of taking this weekend off just to enjoy it and reconvene today but you know I am the one that decided to pre-record 2 episodes ahead of time and my weekend consisted me recording and editing podcasts which I still have to finish the 2nd episode this morning. So yeah, I can hear the comments to why didn't you take the weekend off, especially on a long weekend well that is why, there was ton of work to still but least I took several hours off to spend it with a small group in my bubble. Yes we were following the rules as we are not in those 3 hot spots right now here in Ontario so I promise you guys we were safe during these holidays and we're staying within our bubble. Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I will talk to you guys in tomorrow's blog post.


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