Tuesday, August 24, 2021

The Binding of Isaac After Birth + and Spelunky 2 Updates!

                    I have an update on The Binding of Isaac. I got to play a bit over the weekend while on an hour break from working hard. The first update out of 2 is I had Isaac who threw bombs at things which mind you it was like Dr. Fetus in the vanilla and was quite easy to handle after a few fail attempts and I went all the way to the end and completed the challenge that I was doing. Also I have since my last update month or so ago unlocked the flooded caves which is really cool and you can literally hear the drip, drip, drip sound which is cool and gives it an cool floor to play.  Also the burned floors that look like lava and fire is cool but the only problem it is a bit darker and harder to see what is what but I am adjusting to them playing it a bit more and getting use to it. The other update is I tried a Samson run and went pretty far, I went to MOM but ended up dying after but soooo close to the end yet again. I have noticed that I am going deep into runs these days and everyday I am getting better and better at this game. I wish I can put the dedication into Spelunky 2 which I will get into next.

                    As I said I wish I would do a lot better at Spelunky but I seem to some how end up dying and fast and I do not like those yellow dude that roll up and rolls around the floors and hits me and to be honest, I hate these dudes... Really frustrating to be honest! I can also tell you the truth, I have given up on Spelunky 2 all together.... I cannot seem to do anything right and is not worth my time and I think I am just done with this all at this point. I rather play videos game that I would do better at and is at the bottom of my list at this moment. Anyways that is my updates for gaming and if I got anymore, I will do another post on another week. Until tomorrow, have a great rest of your Tuesday!


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