Monday, August 23, 2021

Figured Out Why I Keep Getting Restricted From Streaming On Facebook!

                I figured out why the heck I kept getting locked out, it was a Facebook bug because the second time around this happened and I got restricted, I found a way around resetting the password to my account and I can view and see Facebook no problems whatsoever.  However the problem now is I am restricted once again from streaming but when I get unrestricted I will test streaming through OBS and if that doesn't work then I will never ever stream to Facebook ever again at this rate and nothing I can do about it whatsoever. This site is a pain in my butt and I can ensure you I did not break any of their rules whatsoever. All I did was go live and they tried to lock me out and restricted me. Not pleased whatsoever. If I poof and they ban me from the website then so be it but I do not think they will whatsoever as I am not breaking any rules and oh I will fight it honestly. 

               So that is the story with Facebook and I had an original post for Blue Jays but rather keep my thoughts to myself. This website has to fix their flaws because it has become more and more buggy and to be honest, might not even bother with going live anymore and any news that I may have will be pre-recorded from here on out at this time. I think this is the best move and at least if I wanna go live I can do that via Instagram Live but I just feel like those days have passed by and a thing of the past and only real reason I keep OBS is to do these small updates so you guys know what's going on with ChrisBOnTheWeb.  Anyways that is today's little ramble post about social media, hope you guys enjoyed me complaining about Facebook and I will talk to you all on tomorrow's blog post post. 


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