Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Chris Is Off Today, I Am Filling In For Him... Again!

           Well, Chris is off again today and not cause of work either. It'd because he's not in a good mood over transit system cancelling buses to and from his area which is not good. Means Larry cannot come to the house to record in the studio and I just found this out minutes before coming on here to type up a post on his behalf or for him. The post he had, he will do at a later time and I am sure he's put it on the backlog of post ideas for right now and will covering it eventually. Not only that but he cannot go out to see friends for the day once CO-VID19 is over and he feels like he's in jail for the rest of his life and he has considered moving into his own place and he feels like he is ready to go but is kind of scared. It's natural that he is feeling scared or will be lonely but he is only a call away to his parents if he wants to talk to them. After all he is going to be 35 years old this year and he will need to move out on his own. I get the fact he wants to help them out as much as possible as he is the only one out of him and his brother that's living there but it's only a car ride away.

                Maybe it is time for him to find a place called home for himself, maybe he is ready to be on his own and is only a bus ride or drive away from the house. That is up to him but I totally understand why he is upset and he needed the day off from social media to work on stuff and get the podcast edited today so he can release it this weekend and he means it too. I can say this he is almost done the second part of that disaster of a podcast as he is calling it. He's not too impressed with the outcome but the next one I'm sure will be more of a smoother podcast. First thing he outlined to me is the tech issues Larry was having and 2) He had the wrong microphone setup but he will make sure it is the right one in September when the two of them record. So that is his primary focus right now is to get that done then work on Wild Force again. That is my post for today and I will speak to you all on Sunday's blog post update!

Sophie, CBOTW Community Manager

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