Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Thoughts On This Season of Big Brother 22 So Far!

              So we're through 2 episodes of Big Brother 22 and yes I know what your gonna say, aren't you retired from Reality TV Talk in general? Not blog wise, more Reality TV wise but do not get use to this as this will not be happening a lot. Just a post in general I wanted to make and the next one probably won't be till the day after Finale which we are a very long way from right now as we are only week 2 of 13 however I highly doubt I will do a post as I am currently in my post Reality TV. Anyways I like the way they went into a pod of 4 and a comp to see which two are going to be competing for HOH (Head of Household) anyways the way they brought them down one by one in their pod of 4 and Julie really had some sass threatening eviction and she had to quite the "Come On Down" like on The Price is Right.  Side of Julie I have never seen before but it was quite entertaining to be honest. So we know Cody is HOH and Kevin and Keesha are up. Hearing things about Keesha is going to be going but never know as we still have Veto to watch tomorrow and I know more then you think but that is not for me to spoil whatsoever. 

                I am enjoying this season but still early to tell and to be honest, I do not have any favorites to be honest with you guys. It will take me sometime to decide to who I like but I got a couple in my mind: Cody, Kaysar, Memphis, Enzo, Nicole A, Dani, Keesha, Janelle. Maybe I can take these and actually have em as my actual picks? Maybe, give me a few days to think on it and I know I haven't paid attention to the feeds, actually cannot wait since I am up here in Canada technically but I watch updates from Rob Has A Podcast, Matt and Jess Carter, Madrosed, etc so I do get updates once or a few times a days so I have a long of sources to get updates what is going on with the feeds as well. Anyways I looking forward to the veto and what is next and you never know, maybe I can do these for a weekly thing? I know I said I wasn't really going to but as I got further into the post maybe this is something I can do or we could ask an old Staff of ours, Reality Teas to talk about it on Saturdays? Stay tuned for more information on Social Media!


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