Thursday, September 10, 2020

Chris Is Taking Time Away from The Blog and Social Media...

                Chris is taking some time away from the website, blog and social media as I stated on here and social yesterday, there was stuff going on which again we will not get into detail but he is stressed right out to a point of a mental breakdown and I think he had one the other night and him being away from the the team and all of this. However he will still be working on his own pace and the podcast will remain as schedule but as for the live I will be addressing that tomorrow. Things will be reveal over the next week as that is what he is planning to not be around for the next week as he needs. I think this is what he needs and honestly things were going just smoothly up to what happened and I was surprised to see a message from him late last night to what was going on and that is why I offered to take it over. Right now he needs to get his mental health better. He is all wound up like he gets like this especially like the other night. Plus he has been under immense pressure getting Entertainment Man Podcast notes done and also Power Rangers Podcast which is currently on standby.

               There is stuff I like to explain Saturday as there is a ton of stuff going on and why he's put things on hold. I do not why he has to bring me into his dirty work, honestly... LOL! He probably see this post and just shake his head at me talking about him but it is positive things. We're a team and we stick together to the end. He will be back soon I hope and right now it's him getting work done and discussing with who's left on this team at this moment as the staff seems to be fluctuating at this moment.  This is why he needs a community manager and he has one, me. I use to be near him at one point, but moved away and I am still happy to help him out one way or another. I am here to answer questions you guys may have via Social Media or email, just send me a message and I or the staff will be sure to answer them as quickly as possible.

Jim, Community Manager

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