Friday, September 11, 2020

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast On Hold

                Chris has decided to put any upcoming Podcasts for Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast on hold till end of next week till him and Larry have a Skype meeting with each other on a lot of things. I will highlight what they need to discuss:

 -  When they will be recording Power Rangers Wild Force: They are currently still behind schedule and things are just getting rolling again and they are about to get ready to record and I am guessing at this point they are aiming for the end of September, early October. 

- State of COVid-19 With This Podcast: With things getting worsened in Ontario, he's already mentioned to me that I am will mention: Him and Larry have to actually discuss how long they wanna continue on recording Power Rangers Podcast via Skype at this point. If they wanna put the podcast on hold or if they wanna continue to record via Skype.

The views on Power Rangers Time Force: He will be discussing what the views that they got on the last episode which I have personally seen screenshots and it's not that bad really. 10 views is better then 5 and he's stated he don't care if he gets 5 views, he's doing it for the love of the show and bringing back his childhood memories plus he's doing this for Larry as it was an idea Larry had. 

- Future of The Collaboration Podcast: He is going to have a conversation about renewing the Collaboration Podcast which has been up and down with Chris trying to figure out what he wants to do and the worries of the views going down so he is truly worried about the amount of views but he's changed his attitude on that. 

               That is what he has to talk to Larry about and why he's mentioned to me to make this post but we will know more information by next week at some point once the two of them talking and I probably will end up being the first person to know since he isn't going to be on for a week and a half. 

Jim, Community Manager

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