Tuesday, August 8, 2017

My Crazy Trip To Toronto- What A Blast!

              Sunday, I got to get away from all of this craziness/stress and yes I admit to being a tad over stressed getting caught up and I am now currently on schedule for this current week. But yesterday did me some wonders and got me away from the Chris B On The Web Studios and getting out in "The Big Smoke", "The Big T.O." aka Toronto. I was there about a week or so ago but that's OK, it is good to get out and take pictures and get content for a blog post. Most of the time i hid my name badge, but had it on the other half of the time.  I did most of the planning and I will explain as you get further into  reading tonight's blog post. 

        So we got on the bus from the Don Mills down to Pape Subway then the Pape Bus down in the industrial area of Toronto, also where studios for filming and we think we saw where a movie or TV show was being recorded as we saw trailers so we never know. Once we got down to the waterfront we got off where the college or university also 102.1 The Edge is, also where Corus Entertainment is at which runs a few radio stations in Toronto I am sure. We walked by the building and discovered a beach that was there, guessing it was built specifically. Also saw this boat: 

Yes I saw the Federal Welland which I probably have seen in my home town here which probably has made a trip here sometime but you never know. We continued to walk on and my dad and I passed where the former Captain John's use to be an a cruise boat that burned way back in the day, so hearing the history was neat and I am a totally history buff and love to hear the history Toronto especially and also the TTC I love talking about the history and it was brought up on this trip as well. We went by the Ferry Terminal after grabbing some lunch and boy it was a busy ferry terminal and yes Toronto was in the middle of Caribana which happens every year in Toronto down by the water.  We decided to not even line up to get on the ferry for a ride as it would probably been a hour from being on a ferry boat, but could be more, so we passed by and watched the ferry's come and go for a bit and continued to walk. We went by the Gelato place and saw tons of Water Taxi's taking people to the island and it was great to see such a busy and hectic Harborfront and people enjoying and taking advantage of this beautiful weather we have had up to yesterday us having rain and enough of it this summer, but it was great to be out in such beautiful weather. We walked over this bridge by the restaurant which is this picture:

 Obviously I was on the bridge shaking like a leaf trying to take this picture as I still struggle with the heights thing but getting better. I actually love this picture and I was concerned I wouldn't get a clear picture but I did, someway and somehow. My dad and I hopped onto the streetcar which feels like a LRT (Light Rail Transit) not streetcar as it looks like a train. Anyways, we hopped on and went to the Ferry Terminal that goes to the Toronto Island Airport also known as the Billy Bishop Airport which is named like the one in Owen Sound but another day, another post for this blog. We took the underground tunnel that takes you over to the Island Airport as I normally call it, but you can walk underground tunnel with this cool walkway:
Just like an airport right? Yes! any airport has a moving walkway and I did do a video about it and haven't posted it on Social Media yet. Don't worry I didn't fly anywhere, still in my studio and in the same hometown city I live in. But my dad and I wanted to check it out and see what change they have made over the last while and it good, you can either take the ferry and bring your car over to park or walk under Lake Ontario... LOL, I know that sounds entirely wrong! Haha! Don't mind me, my mind is in the gutter right now and when isn't it? We walked about the terminal and discovered the departures on the second floor and found where passengers can get the ferry and this the most beautful view you can see of the Toronto Skyline from the Island Airport:

Anyways, sorry for the lengthy post but it was a fun day, long and my knee was bugging me a tad but it don't stop me from going out and being a normal human being, well when is my life normal, it's always chaotic and busy but being busy is fine with me, I got no job and it is getting harder to find work as I am getting older, it will be quite difficult so may as well make good use of my time and enjoy life while I am still on this earth and I love traveling and have fun and bring my camera with me and take pictures and blog about it the day or in this case 2 days later but I got the experience with a camera and got some education in the way of photography so I am taking what I've learned and using it for my own website. Anyways this post have gone long enough and enough of my rambling, final thoughts I had a good day and was the most fun I have had in a very long time as I have been busy with podcasts and other blog posts to have fun but this was worth the break and it refreshed me and raring to go and unleashed new life on me and I think I was well deserved to have a break and now I all caught up and ready to go for Amazing Race Canada & the next 2 episodes of Big Brother 19 and Recap both shows and get my routine back up and running!

Have a Great day!


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