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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Entertainment Man Podcast Is Cancelled

                   There has been rumors of Chris continuing on with Entertainment Man Podcast but recently he has made a decision with the podcast to just stop it.  He feels with the updates of the website here on the website, kind of warrants the podcast not to happen. Let me explain-- It is sort of the same topics as the blog posts and he doesn't want to stop the blogs and it has gotten good views.  We do not want to lose those faithful views and I totally understand. Actually Chris has a plan in tact for the podcast. He has actually thought about resurrecting The CBOTW Show, with a New logo and what not. Putting Power Rangers Podcast on there and algamating those to that podcast like he did in 2018 when that podcast first began it's journey! He has spoken about Recapping some shows old and new but he has to work on ideas for that technically. This means the collaboration page, Power Rangers Page will be going away. He is going to be working on the intros again for the podcast and his intro video as well. He is nowhere near done with Recapping TV Shows anytime soon.  For now he will be posting up Power Rangers Podcast in the meantime while the planning is in progress. 

                    So Entertainment Man Podcast feeds will be removed and taken down. However we will keep the Audio ONLY Feed here on our website so you guys can listen to it or catch up. He is going to be working on the feed and bring it online. He has confirmed this new project will indeed be on Stitcher (again), TuneIn, ITunes, Player FM and of course here on This is very exciting stuff and he is indeed on the right track for the website and making the right decisions and we know you guys respect our decisions and we are doing what's best for the website as it has become a part of our daily routine and has become a big success as I have said above the views are doing really good for us. 


Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Roseanne TV Show Reboot got cancelled?!

              Roseanne got cancelled, am I upset, yes of course I am, it was one of my favorite TV Shows from both the 90's and also the reboot of the show too. I know what Roseanne said was wrong (meaning the racist remark) and ABC had to do what they had to do but I know people are saying on social media, the apology was enough to move forward with season 2. Don't forget the network has a lot of say what happens to a show if such incident happens. I know the crew and also the cast lose their jobs but they will find other projects to work on I am sure.

               But yes the fans are clearly upset and I know because I am as a person too, but what is done is done but you never know maybe other networks will look past her mistakes and maybe take on the series, so anything is possible. There is Fox, their is even Netflix that could also take on the series if they chose to actually run it on their network. What I heard though is TV Land, CMT and a pile of networks have now pulled off the Re-Runs of the show and this isn't good. Also heard that she isn't on as good terms with the cast after this incident that has now occurred. 

                Finally I think it will not be back, which is sad but they sure made the right decision and like the saying goes: "Actions, Speak Louder Then Words." You guys can leave hate comments but please note if you do it will be erased and you will be banned from posting on the blog again in the nearby future. But it is a done deal and there is really nothing we the fans can do, well minus doing a petition which I have actually have seen and signed myself to show some support. If the networks that carried Roseanne that did reruns I think at this point of time the damage is done and with networks pulling re-runs of Roseanne, I think it is safe to say it will not be back anytime soon and I am truly disappointed as a fan of the show from the original series and the reboot as well because I really wanted to see what is to happen next on the show.