Saturday, September 23, 2017

Everything About Reality TV Podcast Celebrate's It's 1 Year On The Air!

              2 Year ago today, marks 2 Years that Everything About Reality TV Podcast has been on the air on the Audio ONLY platforms. It is incredible it's lasted this long on the air as it wasn't as long when I did this Podcast on the video side of things from September 2015 to the end of May 2016. The Audio ONLY has been a blessing and a curse. I have had a few problems with things over the course of the last year, such as the issues with Stitcher even though I gave them a chance eventually as you know over the last several months I have moved away from the platform moving to ITunes and back to Player.FM which they were honored that I wanted to return and they featured me on their front page under Reality TV Round-Up which is very very cool to be featured, I take that as a great honor and privilege and I am ever so grateful for this opportunity to be featured! 

               The one thing that has changed is the quality of my sound, I have found the right levels and the levels I am comfortable with but when I was first, I was quite distorted at times and the sound wasn't as smooth as it is now, well I got a condenser Mic now but still got the old faithful Audio Technica PRO 31 which acts the guest mic in the studio here... But as I learned the knobs on the mixer, I figured out the levels and over the winter/spring season, I fixed the intro going into the summer season so as the podcast its progressed and I finally know not to hold off 4 seconds between sentences, I hold for a second then start my next, I have learned so much about podcasting improving each and everyday or recording session I do.  I am forever grateful to have gone so far with the podcast and hope to continue on with the podcasts even if closes down I have the other platforms to go to.

Have a great night!


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