Thursday, November 9, 2017

After The Royal Winter Fair 2017 Stories

             So as you know by my previous blog this morning I blogged about the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and this blog will not be as long as the other one but I had a really neat stories from at the Royal to after as we were heading out the door and in this blog I will talk about the 2 different stories I had during the Royal Winter Fair this year.

              First story I wanna tell is my dad and I were where the sheep and the goats, rabbit were, we walked by and a goat was standing up against it's food container to just eat it, I was just amazed by the goat able to stand on it's back two legs. I am attached the picture to this blog post but how the goat managed to hold on to the fencing with it's hooves its beyond me but it was a neat moment and of course the character coming out of the animals. The goat came over put its hoofs on the top of the fence looking for free hand outs of course.

Second story I would like to share and I already told the story about the horse neighing when we walked away but this was after we left The Royal Winter Fair we walked out into mass chaos and noise and of course as I remember as we are getting off the Go Train and also going into The Royal Winter Fair, The Toronto FC Soccer are playing the Semi Final game against a NY team so that is why but a lot of chanting and noise and chaos, wish I had the camera out filming it so I could put it in the blog or even take a photo but it was chaotic. So were waiting for the Go Train and a gentleman being friendly and pleasant with us asked if we went to the game well he offered us napkins to wipe off the bench but after he asked if we he to the game and I told him we went to The Royal and of course he said its always a fun time. We asked him since the FC loss and the 2 game series was tied what happens next and he told us they went with the number of goals they have scored so of course the FC have advanced on. Then he went the other way then he offered to give us a FC Flag and we said yes so I got it in my room and will put it up next time they are playing. So those are my few little stories I had from my day at The Royal and this wraps up this years Royal Winter Fair till next year, I cannot wait to go again.

Have a great night and will talk to you in tomorrow's blog post!


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