Sunday, October 29, 2017

What Makes A Good Podcast?

                What makes a good podcast? Several things that makes a good podcast and that is what I am going to talk about today is what makes a good podcast and also give you tips to become a successful podcaster, like myself and many other amazing podcasts out there. 

1)     Good audio, having crisp and clear audio, my recommendation is 128 KBPS (Kilobytes Per Second) is the best setting for your audio sound. I also do recommend MP3 format for your podcast which sounds amazing if you ask me.

2) Use the platforms that will get you good views and I highly recommend staying on Audio Only as it has brought tons of viewers but if you want to do video that is also fine as well, it is totally up to the podcaster and what you are most comfortable with podcasting on. The more platforms you are on the better, not necessary, go on the ones that you think you will be successful on then it is totally up to you.

3) Choosing your platforms you wanna be on, I.E. Stitcher,, Player.FM,, Mixcloud, ITunes.

4) The platforms I do highly recommend to try and use for podcasts are Stitcher,, Player.FM,

5) Lengthwise? Well it up to you, it can be 15 minutes, 20 - 30 minutes, it can be an hour but I recommend, if you guys do not mind me recommending but you can try the other ones that are listed on here. 

6) The ones that I recommend to you guys can try but again, it is totally up to you guys the Podcaster to where you would like to have your podcast on. The ones I do recommend are,, Player.FM, those are the platforms I am on and love every moment and highly recommend them, especially Player.FM as they featured my podcast under Reality TV Roundup, so you could end up featured on there! TuneIn, you grow fast and the furious and loving the platform all together. 

                 The most important part of podcasts is your sound quality so people can understand what you are saying or if you are doing a music type of podcast, please note you have to have a music license to play it, you gotta make sure the quality is crisp and clear. Also platforms that will help you grow in the long run, like I mentioned above. If you do what I said above, you will be a huge success. Don't stress if it is perfect, you will perfect it in time, just be patient! Have a great night!


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