Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween 2017

           I know it is the next day as I am typing this, but first of all this wont be as long as a post as I normally do and most of you know I do longer posts from time to time and tonight's is going to be different as I am briefly talking about Halloween and what I did.

           First of all please note I slept a majority of the day, went to bed late and up around noon - 1 pm so most of my day was wasted away but I pretty much stayed home minus  going to get my bus pass and pay a bill but other then that I was home.

            I was mainly home the entire time, had my dinner then was outside but it didn't last over too long to the point I got cold but then again it was cooler out as you know winter is near, I know Shhh Chris, do not push it too fast as it is still clearly the fall at the moment. Around 730 pm I setup in the front hallway and remained inside the rest of the time while handing out candy. When my mom got back from bowling, her and I played cards up to the time we turned everything off and time to call it quits for the night.

             After that I put on the 1960 classic movie, Psycho and watched it as this is now going to be a tradition to even just watch one horror movie and Love at First Bite at Halloween. Overall it was a great Halloween, kind of boring for me as I slept half the day due to my wacky sleep schedule in the past week to a week and a half but still wanted to write a small post to talk about it briefly.

Have a great night!


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