Sunday, November 5, 2017

Would I Broadcast Everything About Reality TV On Stickam?

              I really never thought about this as it has been 4 years now since closed it's doors and if the website was still operating to this day, definitely would consider bringing Everything About Reality TV to the video platform, but yes it is a pain in the butt to do audio only and video but I would consider it, however ever since stopping broadcasting myself on the internet live, I have falling in love with the Audio ONLY portion of the podcast so I probably would and more then likely I would remain off the live air waves and continued to Pre-Record them. 

                Now you are going to ask me why tho Chris? Didn't you like broadcasting? Well yes of course I did, however the trolls kind of got to me over the years, I just had enough dealing with the trolls, especially the latter half of the time I was broadcasting. Really, the only platforms I loved broadcasting on were & but both closed hence after trying other platforms, I realized the podcast is more successful on the Audio ONLY platforms then it did on any of the video platforms so that was one consideration to make in my thought process of would I broadcast my podcast on Stickam and it has become a clear picture as I am typing this blog post this morning before I am gone out for the day.

                So with that, would I broadcast Everything About Reality TV? Yes and no at this time but to build an audience you gotta use what Resources, if your Canadian, you would know we use that term a lot and yes I got that from Dan Gheesling saying that on his Let's Play series on YouTube. But yes of course I would broadcast it live and right now I do not have those resources to go live as I am not liked by many platforms, Vaughnlive, IVlog, plus the trolling these days are bad and the doxing has gotten to an all time low, so to this day, no I wouldn't go live for it now unless I did make a return to YouTube, but yes if was still up and running to this day, but no to this day since Stickam has been closed down for 4.5 years now and trust me I do miss Stickam to this day. Have a great rest of your day and stay tuned for a 2nd blog post later on tonight,


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