Tuesday, October 24, 2017

What Video Games I Would Like To Play

                   Man, at first I thought this was going to be a long blog but not too many games at the time I would like to play at this time, but I got a bit of a list at the moment and I am willing to try games, like Farming Simulator 17, I tried it and actually I did not like it whatsoever due to the fact you have to have pallets of seeds compare to FS15 but that's another blog for another day. 

                    Minecraft Tekkit:  I am getting a full copy of Minecraft, I am planning to play Tekkit and hopefully maybe a friend will want to play with me or get one of my former listeners to play with me on the holidays. But either way I do want to play Minecraft once again.

                   The Binding of Isaac Re-Birth: This moment is pretty much I have been waiting for is completing The Binding of Isaac and moving on to Re-Birth for the longest time and been struggling with the game recently but I need to do more runs but trust me, I am eager to get to Re-Birth, I am merely excited to play it but aiming by mid 2018 to finishing, I am going to make some hard core runs in the coming months. 

                     Mutant Football: Looks like a hard game and I don't mind hard, just going to try it out and if I don't like it, I won't play it anymore but you guys know me well enough to not give up, well minus me recently raging Farming Simulator 17 for now, but I am always open to playing new games on Steam.

                     Star Wars Battlefront II: It more then likely will be quite expensive at first but once the price goes down, I will definitely be playing Battlefront II. I am really hoping this time around it is more exciting, the one thing that I found hard was the flying around and not enough of the flying missions or I mainly found it difficult to destroy the AT Walkers or ships but you can destroy the ships but I find it hard. What I hope to expect more flying missions besides ground missions and I hope to have more then Tie fighters, X Wing fighters, A Wing fighters, I hope there an option for the Millennium Falcon to fight with, also Bobo Fett's ship as well, could be a neat feature.

                     That is about it on my list, like I said it is not a big, big post nor there are a lot of games I would like to play at the moment, just the 4 on the list but you never know I will probably get some new games I would like to play in the near future and I will more then likely update the list as time goes on. Have a great night! 


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