Sunday, October 22, 2017

What Platforms Has My Podcast Been On?

             I have been doing podcasts since September 2015, as you know my history of Everything About Reality TV starting on YouTube, now on Audio ONLY platforms and this is why I am writing today's blog post is to talk about platforms you can podcast on and which ones you should be on. Let me say this first, it doesn't matter what platform you are on, it is the platforms that works for you and I am going to talk about which ones I am on and why, but also the different platforms I have discovered over the course of the last year that you can get your podcast on. 

     The primary platform my podcast is on and it has been a great platform and if you need an RSS, this is a great platform to grow on and that's another blog post for another day talking about Growth. But when I moved over from Mixcloud due to the viewership on there wasn't overly the greatest and was hard to get a following on there that is why I chose and I think I found this site through Rob Has A Podcast (RHAP) if I remember correctly. I am still currently with them to this current time and loving how my podcast has grown so fast.

               Stitcher: It was another great platform but the problem I did have with them and I am not putting them down and I think it was because of the growth of their website which does put a smile but if you want to grow you have to break the website, someway, somehow. I know that with my own website. But after 4 - 6 months I started to grow on there but the problem was the feed wasn't updating or took over 2 hours for a 30 min - 45 min podcast, but they told me it was their site is growing which is a great thing. I will be forever grateful for them allowing me on their website as a start to my podcasting career so I am very humble for the opportunity there. 

       Tunein, I absolutely love, been a great experience and I have grown on there with currently 8 favorites and Tunein is a huge for Radio Stations & Podcasts, even local stations here, Toronto and all over Canada and the world. So it is worth it to get onto TuneIn if you want to grow. 

                  Player FM: Player FM is one of my favorite platforms as currently I am featured with them under Reality TV Round-Up which is very cool and I proud of actually being recognized for the hard work I have done in the last year. You can now say I am among the other great podcasters out there like RHAP (Rob Has A Podcast)

                   ITunes: Was great to be on one of the bigger platforms once again, but again I had some technical issues with it but a lot of the views I'm sure came from there, but obviously as you know I had to pull out of there, however I may return there in the near future but highly recommend it if you wanna grow as a podcast.

                   So which one's do I recommend to use? Well it depends which platform or platforms you wanna be on and are doing well on, so it has to do with the podcast individual or individuals choice of preference  and I am only giving my opinion on the ones I have been with but these are the main ones I am or was involved with in the past. 


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