Saturday, October 21, 2017

Having Differences With Other People

                 In the last 11.5 years of doing Online Media, I've had my share of differences with my team when I was still a YouTuber and even being on my own there was creative and also differences between 2 parties or more. Now I gotta say before really digging into this blog, we all differences, it can be creative differences, it can be differences in opinions, depending what the argument is or differences you are having with your friends or it can even be family. 

                   First thing I would like to say about opinion differences, we all have our own opinion and we are entitled to an opinion and of course here in Canada it's called freedom of speech, as long as it isn't slanderous or defamation of character, or even hurtful and/or mean to the other party. Let's just say sometimes we agree to disagree but no need to throw insults or putdown to the other individual in the part. I've had my share of disagreements with my former team from back in 2007 which is very early in The Video Projects Team where one staff, he didn't want to end the day even though we were suppose to have a meeting but Missy was sick, which is totally understandable but to say were not done, technically you should listen, so obviously argument and differences were a major factor in this situation. I wouldn't call it a creative differences just different opinions were in the factor. It can be an idea or a opinion that sometimes can go the wrong way or it it is said in the wrong context and of course the other party will argue with you.

                    So finally, as I am shortening this blog for today, we all have differences and it is ok to have differences whether it is a creative differences or opinionated, it is Ok to have differences between parties, we have our thoughts and opinions and these things do happen and just have to agree to to disagree. We all go through our differences in opinions everyday life and it is part of our everyday life, in the end we put our differences aside at the end of the day.

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