Sunday, October 1, 2017

My Experience With 3 Surgeries Within 3 Years

         Back 14 years ago, I got really sick and I mean really sick to the point of me of throwing up. Not only I was concerned , my parents and family were worried something was seriously wrong and usually I have been an healthy person over the 17 years as that is how old I was at the time of this illness. My mom and dad returned from their anniversary to find me sick and just not wanting to eat or anything. They took me in not once but twice or might of been 3 times they took me in but I think it was 2 times, the first time they gave me a shot saying it was a viral infection, pfft whatever. But the second time they realized something is truly wrong, I believe they took me in for a test that 2nd night as well to see what was going on and then of course they admitted me into the hospital for more tests. I remember I fell asleep for a while between on going tests before being brought up to pediatrics floor. The next day, I believe I was awake at quarter to  for blood work and this was on a daily basis in the 3 and a half  weeks I was in the hospital which I will get into towards the end of the 3 week stay I had in the hospital. So the very next day I was taken to Bowmanville Hospital via Ambulance to get a CAT Scan done on my stomach. Within a day or so later the surgeon came in and said he needed to operate on my stomach so it begun to a long road to recovering from this ruptured appendix. All went well and the appendix was removed. But 2 days later the surgeon told myself and my parents he has to go back in to remove the poison that was inside my stomach as things were still not as good. I think there was another test between the operations at the time. I was very inpatient with this test as I was in pain but most part I had high pain tolerance just like my mom has. So back into surgery I went and my thought in my head was here we go again. All went well with the second surgery and I was moved to the 7th floor.  As I got better they put me on a liquid diet to getting me to eat again and off the IV bags that gave my stomach nutrition.  Lipids was one of them if I can remember correctly. I also got moving around the floor walking several times a day and I would need a speed bump in the hall... LOL... During my time in the hospital I had a visit from my coach as I was off from baseball after playing half the season and presented me a gold metal as they won the Softball tournament for me and they gave me a metal. On August 27th, 2003 I was discharged after 3 and a half weeks in the hospital. 

           just little less then 3 years later I once again got sick and I started to feel symptoms with being with Eric which I believe was a production meeting about  one of the projects I was doing and this was Pre-YouTube ERA before I began my time on YouTube. Anyways we were at an arena nearby my house and this was on a Sunday, the 20th of March 2006. So my mom picked us up as I had no strength as I was in too much pain to move to much so she picked us up and when we got back I had to lie down to rest. Obviously it was so bad my mom took me to the clinic and my dad took Eric to the bus early but Eric checked in the evening how I was feeling as he was deeply concerned about what was going on with me at the time. It got bad by the late evening so my mom took my back to the ER to get it looked at and of course this time around they actually called in a surgeon and he got me to the CT Scan aka CAT Scan to have my stomach scanned as I figured something wasn't right when they put in the IV in my hand. So the surgeon didn't like what he saw obviously and I was heading into emergency surgeon at 130 am that Monday morning. Surgery on my stomach once again for the blockage on my bowel was successful and I was in the hospital for about 4 days before being discharged and sent home. The surgeon said it was because of the previous 2 surgeries I had almost 3 years before that caused scar tissue to form hence the blockage so that is my long but hopefully shorten side of my 3 surgeries within 3 years, I hope you enjoyed it and I will tell another side story about the nurse from hell in another blog on another day!


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