Monday, October 2, 2017

The Truth Behind The Entertainment Man Talk Show!

          There are things that I really never made clear as when I left The Entertainment Man Talk Show and YouTube career. I wanna make this clear to a few things that probably didn't seem real or I faked but let me say for the most part a lot of my out bursts at my team was entirely real, it was pure frustration with them, whether Eric said a bad word I said something or with me going off at them was pure frustration but the one thing that I faked was me tripping those two episodes but I cannot remember the exact episode numbers that it was but those two episodes were faked. The rest was purely frustration at times and trust me filming a talk show like The Entertainment Man Talk Show isn't as easy as you think and it was the most stressful thing I ever have done in my entire life and having to deal with some staff drama, no names to mentioned but that was another major factor behind it but that is the truth behind me supposedly tripping but it was entirely faked but me going off on camera numerous that was real. Some scenes like Gordie saying in the St Patties Day episode he would wear green but hes got nothing green in his closet. Of course me being a smarty pants like I am, saying yea except Shawn, Gordie saying hes just green to the gills, I just had to put in my 10 cents worth. There are memorable moments where something is said and it was an instantaneous comment that came out of my mouth or one of my teams that made a moment of laughter on set. 

             Now the last thing I want to touch on is why is there no longer Seasons 5 and 6? Well they are now lost episodes as they were lost as I forgot to download them when I decided to quit YouTube all together and go in the direction of podcasts. When I say they are lost, they are TOTALLY lost episodes and I feel nothing but bad this happened and if I had a time machine, I would go back in time and save all the videos and bring em back to the future or this present day of time. Regrets that Larry and I regret making is ending it after 6 seasons and move on with other things or start podcasting like I am doing sooner so that was our major fatal flaw we made. I knew the views were down anyways with the series and my channel pretty much died after nearly 10 years being on YouTube so no regrets leaving and I've been given crap about leaving but I've been with the platform for nearly that long and I was ready for change to be made, if people do not like it then then so be it, I had to do what I had to do.


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