Saturday, October 7, 2017

My Opinion on The Job Market In Ontario...

          First of all I gotta say this, I do not normally usually get political in my posts but this has been bugging me for the last while and I wants to address it this morning. As you all know I live in Ontario and I am starting to not like living in Ontario anymore and want to move out of this province because since 2015 and quitting my only job I had in my lifetime, to find work is not easy whatsoever and I am kind of to blame for quitting but I did what I felt right. I admit the government said they were going to create more jobs and I believe they were going to create jobs for people with a disability and yet were still waiting... I am one, not happy with the Ontario Government and change needs to happen and I couldn't be any happy for the election, hopefully for people to see the change in this province in many many years. Hopefully we can make change and hopefully things do change around and things get better for this province but you never know what will happen. Hopefully Ontario is tired of our premiere they want to vote for another party in but I do not want to get too political which isn't my forte in this blog whatsoever.

               Now in the way of the job search, I am clearly not sure where my future lies with my employment support as I have thought about leaving numerous times as my frustration to find work is getting worse and worse each and every 2nd week I am there so I've considered leaving but decided to stay on longer to see if I get a job but the second I start school I will have to take a leave of absence from it to attend school but school is my alternative move from searching for work and I am currently been looking at bursaries, OSAP anything that can help me through college and there are options for people with disabilities like myself so there are options. In conclusion as I am keeping this blog post a bit shorter as I am posting another blog post later on, but anyways I do got future and backup plans in case this job search does not pan out but I am grateful for having as many job interviews as I have had this year and anything still can happen.


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