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Tuesday, February 20, 2024

I Was Called a Motivational Speaker!

           Last week, I was out and about with my friends at a mall that is out of my region and we were walking about the Scarborough Town Centre and I got to talk to one of the employees at JD Sports which mind you, amazing store as I was looking at some crocs actually, 60 dollars not too bad and if their still 60 by the time I am, back next week then I will snag em most definitely! I will check the Walmart there too next time I am there with my friends in less than a week from now. 

          Anyways Eric and I, were talking to the employee there and he asked what I do and I told him I was a Blogger, Podcaster and YouTuber and I wouldn't be surprised if he found the podcast by now and he asked me what their about and I told him and he called me a motivational speaker which in any case I never thought for one day that I would be considered that with Entertainment Man Podcast but now that I think about it, I have been trying to motivate you guys as much as possible and I hope I give you guys a lot of insight. Now to have that title as a Motivational Speaker especially with the podcast, it feels good to have that title, the fact I have actually have made a difference in your lives. Anyways that is all I have to say but thank you for continuing to listen to the podcast and again I hope you guys made a difference if your day to day lives. I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Thursday, June 1, 2023

Never Give Up!

             I know I have been through a lot lately with my grandma passing away and falling into depression quite a lot and fell so behind on Ninja Steel, I had to reschedule till the 15th with Larry however he is with me today for a guys day, we're watching movies all day till he leaves at 3. If you're watching we're watching Beethoven movies 1, 2 and 3. Plenty of time. I continue on to work on things this week, typing watching the series, just pushing myself hard so I can get back on track for end of June. 28 days to go till the next one. Time's ticking right now and I know it and Larry knows it!

              What's the point to this blog? This has taught me to never give up on your dreams, to never give up on your content. Keeping to a schedule is not easy. I can tell you guys that. I have been through thick and thin with podcasting to web series on YouTube but one thing I rarely miss is a blog on here, even when I had Covid last year to that NovoVirus I had this year and I was sick really bad, most I've been sick but I never gave up on content. I did everything right, I never gave up in any of the content whatsoever, I just kept going through thick and thin and I hope this inspires you all, even in the worse moments just keep on going and I will talk to you all tomorrow for the end of the week updates.


Monday, February 6, 2023

Never Give Up!

            The last few days I've been fighting and fighting through all of the struggles to get the work done and this is why today's blog post is titled never give up. This weekend was a weekend of me fighting through the collab to ensure and right now I am not even mentioning how far I am as I am still working on the season at this moment as I am typing this post. However I am proud of myself how much work I put in and I worked hard Saturday night into Sunday as I passed out soon as I got home and up around 10 - 1030 pm that night spent time in the studio working. 

             Even when you're feeling your worst, just keep fighting and I have proved that this year, I still wanna get that goal finished for July where Larry and I complete all 29 seasons to take a break. We added in a 4th recording session that is between 2nd and 4th recording session. It ain't over till it's over. I was gonna be another term but I do not like using till the fat lady sings term. I do not know why. But just keep fighting, keep grinding at your content or whatever you are doing. Believe in yourself all through it and you can do it. I will talk to you all tomorrow for another blog post.


Friday, April 30, 2021

Motivating Myself and Updates!

                 I am fighting through all these changes and fighting with my mental health on a daily basis and it will be a week tomorrow since The CBOTW Show ended and just gotta keep fighting and get into this role of solo projects. This week in general has been hard and I have to get a good rhythm with the notes as I am giving myself about a week to a week and half to finish up the notes then I have to email them to Larry and then get right ahead with the SPD and Mystic Force.  Getting motivated to get the notes done and watch the show and the beauty of it all we are getting down lower amount as we continue on down the long winding road of Samurai which is not as long as you guys think really. It's coming this year, end of this year to be exact. I also have to motivate myself to work on notes for the rebooted Entertainment Man Podcast which is awaiting it's return in a month tomorrow to be exact as I said June 1st is the re-launch and we're moving to a Monday instead of a Sunday.  

              Just gotta keep grinding and when I feel tired to take a break and play video games which I did Wednesday night. because its a long haul still to go as I still gotta watch SPD and Mystic Force which you all know by now I dreading to watch as it doesn't seem to interest me in a season and probably isn't going to be in this batch but we'll have to wait and see. Enough of Power Rangers Podcast, I have some great ideas and brought them up to my management team and friends, especially alum that I wanna open up more about The Video Projects Team aka TVPT which for those who know did not end well on good terms with the staff as they got up and quit and not made myself or anyone on the team aware of them quitting. I know I hid the fact that team ever did exist and it is time to come out with the honest truth with why and I wanna dedicate a bunch of episodes to it on and off during the 3rd season of the podcast. I think you guys deserve the truth why I have hidden it for almost 7 years now why I have buried the fact that it did exist. That will be coming near the start of the 3rd season and may be an extended episode. Between both podcasts I am busy and trying to motivate myself and that is what matters and going to keep trying if I do not succeed the first time. Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, November 4, 2020

My Motivation Hasn't Been All There Lately....

                   The last while, I am noticed that I haven't been motivated to work whatsoever as I have been dealing with depression and mental health being stuck in Isolation nearly 8 months now and it has been a struggle. I have been really trying to get the workload done and finished and I managed to finish it. I have to realize this, I have to put my priorities in order and I have been good to do that. With not being as motivated has put both Larry and I behind schedule with the Collaboration Podcast and it is my fault. honestly. I wasn't prioritizing myself properly. Today for example I know what I have to do is get the podcast recorded this morning for the weekend, edit and I am sure while I edit I will end up start the next collab podcast while waiting for the recording of the current one to happen. Anyways I need to remember to know when to stop with the workload and I need to stop at like 3 or 4 pm EST or even take breaks to help me get refocused and keep on the right track.

                    I know I haven't been overly active on Social much and lost tons of followers but I need to remember to make posts from time to time.  In the end my Mental Health is the most important thing for me to get under control first and that is why some days you don't see much in making many posts at this moment and I promise you guys I need to get posting a ton more during the day. I made a video post yesterday which is very rare I do anymore as I am just busy with the work. I need to be more on the ball with being active on Social Medias and I know when I am depressed like I have been, I tend to not say anything.  I should be a bit more open with you guys to be honest to how I am feeling and the fact I have been working non stop doesn't help with my depression nor the motivation of bringing out content especially on time like today which is extremely late coming out but that's OK we have lives to live. In the end I really need to buck down on social media posts more and start making a ton of posts as recently lost a ton of followers.


Monday, June 24, 2019

My Confidence and Motivation Has Been Up and Down Lately...

             First part of this post I would like to talk about is my confidence. I haven't honestly been myself lately. It has been a struggle on a daily basis to get things done on a timely matter which last night was a prime example as Everything About Reality TV was extremely late last night and I will retweet it again in case you guys missed it from late last night. Now I need and promised you guys to be on track and going to try my hardest for the rest of the week. I just gotta get the confidence back and being able to believe in myself which has honestly been shaken. I have been feeling like I can't do this and I was ready to just give up honestly. However over the last couple of years, I have been teaching myself to not quit and give up, to keep the faith in myself and it has helped but this has been one of the hardest times for me with Season 10 of my podcast spanning from end of February to the end of this month (June) it has taken a toll on me as it has been the longest season I have done yet to this day.  However, I was all for the longer season and I am currently struggling with the transition. We all our struggles from time to time and it isn't easy but we seem to get through things. I think now I am feeling a lot more confident now then I did a 24 - 48 hours ago, I just figured out the issue or issues and from there solve the problem then things suddenly sound great again. I had a bit of an argument over our holiday with my parents as I do not like to know last minute. That isn't me, I like to know in advance not the last possible moment. So that didn't help as I needed to tie loose ends before the podcast is on a week and a half hiatus since I will be away down in the U.S. in Boston for 6 days from July 5th - and back on the 11th. But all of that will be explained on Thursday as I have all the information for you guys what is going on and originally was going to do a throwback Thursday story but I am going to wait a week for it.

              The next point and the last point in this post is the motivation. Recently I haven't felt the motivation to get ahead of the game and I hoped to get it done by Friday night but then I could of stayed up extremely late and recorded and start the editing process but I didn't. Plus my sleep has been dragging me down to a point I just wasn't motivated enough to continue on working on it but either way it went up but usually I am very motivated usually but recently that hasn't been the case and maybe I was just tired and the lack of sleep I was getting at the time so that could of had a lot to do with the fact as well. But either way or, I am back to writing posts for the days I am away from CBOTW and you will be seeing over the next few days an updated schedule again here on the website with the vacation day and podcast revised schedule. I will talk more about it by Thursday as I said. It will take some time to build up my confidence and motivation and just gotta keep working on it and not giving up.



Monday, October 16, 2017

Sleeping Habits...

                Sleep ever since Late 2015 into 2016 right up to now, my sleep has not been the greatest, I would sleep at night for a few days, then up during the night for several days to sometimes a week and sleep only during the daytime... It is totally insane. I try to make the most out of the no sleep situation. But if I am up the night I try to get in bed by 3 am up at 10 am at the latest, hoping to fix the sleep situation. So trying to sleep for 6 - 7 hours and being up at a decent time not like noon, 1 or 2 pm in the afternoon, so trying to motivate myself to actually being tired enough to sleep that night, so that is part of the motivation to make myself sleep at night, or just wear myself out so bad to a point, I am tired to sleep at night... 

                    I am the definition of a night owl, lately I am have seen myself up at night and there are several things that can be a factor in the lack of sleep department and one thing I think of when it comes to lack of sleep is stress, when I get stressed, I don't sleep which is a disaster for me where I end up sleeping most of the day. But recently been sleeping at least 3 - 4 hours in the last couple of nights which is good to a point. It does stink to be up during the night but when I have a couple nights for sleep, it does feel really good and I got so much more energy when I do sleep at night time. 

                    What do I do when my sleeping habit goes south of the border? Well I end up being up at night I try to make the best out of it, I try to make myself tired as quickly as possible and if not then I end up half the night. I try to pre-occupy myself and hope to fall asleep quickly. I know this blog is all over the place but I try to make myself tired when I'm not I try to wear myself out as quickly as possible but there can be nights where I'm up during the night but nights where I sleep night after night and that is the way I kind of the way I want it to be is have a good sleeping habit.  Have a great night I will talk to you in the next blog.


Sunday, July 30, 2017

How I Motivate Myself To Continue To Do Well What I Love To Do!

           Between recording Everything About Reality TV and blogging and fixing the website from the bad timing of a website going down, yes you can tell I have been a bit off in the last almost 24 hours with the site going down. Every month as it is seems to have its oddball issues I get stressed which means I am up to wee bits of the morning stressing over it. Plus catching up on Everything About Reality TV even though 2 days a week isn't overly a hard schedule. How do I motivate myself to get myself back on track under so much immense pressure of trying to keep up with the podcast. Well, I come down with a plan to catch up on a day I have nothing planned and make a precise schedule how I am going to do this catch up whether I have to catch up on Big Brother 19 or podcasts that I am behind. It can be not just the podcasts, it can be the FACT you haven't blogged in what 5 days, yes I am referring to me not posting up on this blog but I'm getting much better at posting up these days! 

                Anyways pick a day that is close to the day you are suppose to bring out the content that you were suppose to have out, let's go right into an example: I had a podcast, no podcast in particular but let's say it is out on a Friday (Yesterday) for an example, and you got time today (Saturday) then that would be the more suitable time to post up the podcast, YouTube video, or blog post or whatever content you create, it is essential to make up the time you have lost and catch up. Do not get over stressed about it, just try and fix the situation and get caught up on things so this way you do not fall behind really bad, trust me I have been there so many times and especially that I will be doing another podcast so I have to keep up to speed on things. I know how to persevere through the struggles and get caught up and it is the best fans in the world that keeps me motivated and going and I get so much love and support, not only that but I also get so much encouragement to keep on going that is what is keeping me on going with the podcasts, the blog & also I am very gracious to have such a great fan base and able to share my experiences, thoughts and opinions with you guys on almost a daily basis. You know I wanna try to blog on a almost daily basis not a week apart from each other. My final bit of advice in today's blog post is to not do not give up on your dream, your passion keep doing what you love to do even if you fall behind on posting up on your website or YouTube or on your blog, just keep on working hard and eventually you will end up caught up or back on the right track or back on schedule. 

Have a Great Sunday!