Monday, June 24, 2019

My Confidence and Motivation Has Been Up and Down Lately...

             First part of this post I would like to talk about is my confidence. I haven't honestly been myself lately. It has been a struggle on a daily basis to get things done on a timely matter which last night was a prime example as Everything About Reality TV was extremely late last night and I will retweet it again in case you guys missed it from late last night. Now I need and promised you guys to be on track and going to try my hardest for the rest of the week. I just gotta get the confidence back and being able to believe in myself which has honestly been shaken. I have been feeling like I can't do this and I was ready to just give up honestly. However over the last couple of years, I have been teaching myself to not quit and give up, to keep the faith in myself and it has helped but this has been one of the hardest times for me with Season 10 of my podcast spanning from end of February to the end of this month (June) it has taken a toll on me as it has been the longest season I have done yet to this day.  However, I was all for the longer season and I am currently struggling with the transition. We all our struggles from time to time and it isn't easy but we seem to get through things. I think now I am feeling a lot more confident now then I did a 24 - 48 hours ago, I just figured out the issue or issues and from there solve the problem then things suddenly sound great again. I had a bit of an argument over our holiday with my parents as I do not like to know last minute. That isn't me, I like to know in advance not the last possible moment. So that didn't help as I needed to tie loose ends before the podcast is on a week and a half hiatus since I will be away down in the U.S. in Boston for 6 days from July 5th - and back on the 11th. But all of that will be explained on Thursday as I have all the information for you guys what is going on and originally was going to do a throwback Thursday story but I am going to wait a week for it.

              The next point and the last point in this post is the motivation. Recently I haven't felt the motivation to get ahead of the game and I hoped to get it done by Friday night but then I could of stayed up extremely late and recorded and start the editing process but I didn't. Plus my sleep has been dragging me down to a point I just wasn't motivated enough to continue on working on it but either way it went up but usually I am very motivated usually but recently that hasn't been the case and maybe I was just tired and the lack of sleep I was getting at the time so that could of had a lot to do with the fact as well. But either way or, I am back to writing posts for the days I am away from CBOTW and you will be seeing over the next few days an updated schedule again here on the website with the vacation day and podcast revised schedule. I will talk more about it by Thursday as I said. It will take some time to build up my confidence and motivation and just gotta keep working on it and not giving up.



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