Sunday, June 23, 2019

This Week Will Be A Busy Week For Me!

              This week is going to be one of the biggest weeks for me in the podcasting world as this is the most I will be recording in a week. Now as you know one goes up tonight, Big Brother US Season 21 Preview Podcast then Wednesday The Amazing Race Canada Season 7 Preview Podcast. Thursday is the normal scheduled podcast with The Amazing Race 31 11th Leg and Season Finale Podcast all in one podcast. That is not just it either but end of this week, Big Brother US 21 Recap for week 1 of Big Brother US 21 so all of these podcasts will be out at 9 pm ES. Either way I will be indeed with recording but as you probably notice on Twitter and Instagram 1 of the two preview podcasts was recorded and it was in advance to when it is going up and I have it stored on my external drive waiting to go for Wednesday. Now I just recorded this morning as the last couple of days I was extremely busy or I was feeling meh to a point of not feeling up to par to record the podcast. Anyways I can get it done today and I already started writing blogs for when I go away so I am currently multi tasking right now hence the reason this week will indeed be a busy week for me in the way of getting content out. I actually got 2 of 7 done as it will be a full week for me going to be away for the week down in Boston. 

               In the way of podcasts, 4 I think is the most that I have done over the years of being a podcaster and I cannot believe the fact I am putting up 4 episodes this week and I know you guys love it when I post up a ton of content whether it was on the website or it was on the podcast, you guys are getting a ton of content and this is going to be another busy summer ahead of me before things settle down in the fall when I cover Survivor only and things are a lot calmer then it has been for the past 6 months, nearly 7 months now. You know the way I think of it, busy is always and good to keep busy and it really keeps my mind busy from the drama and other daily life problems that is thrown at me I always have my workload, friends and family that are always there for me when things get rough and it seems to help. I am making a promise to have it all up on time this week, however let's hope that there is no tech issues with the website the podcast goes on but im sure things will be fine as things been running smoothly lately.


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