Saturday, June 22, 2019

I Told You 2019 Year Was Going To Be Huge!

                  Being now half way, more then half way through the year now, I can say this year has been a crazy year and has been such a fun year for the podcast, this website and the blog. I will start with the website. As you all know, has been down since September of 2018 of last year till January of this year when I moved the entire website to here on blogger and it has proven to be a huge SUCCESS and yes I capitalized the word "Success" because it has proven to do well under the new provider and the price of the domain is so reasonable too but that doesn't matter. I have been thinking about going to a blogging website with domain so it was no secret that I was thinking about it and I know I had a temporary address but that now changed but was a huge step for me and has proved a lot as the views have grown rapidly and very fast and I am always looking at the analytics for the website, pages within the website and also the blog some days the views are really high so its amazing to watch on a regular basis. The next part is the Podcasts. Ever since covering Music City on CMT since their first season last year it really blew up my podcast in a good way and of course we won't know about a 3rd season till late Summer in early August and yes I will be doing it one way or another. 

                     The blog has been doing extremely well, it has been getting more and more noticed, no more attention then it has been from when it started so moving to a blogger website was the best move as it has been more noticed then when I was on the other provider that went ban happy with my website and I almost wanted to abandon it but finally did in September till the domain you guys are on now expired with the original provider now with this website if that makes any sense at all. However the blog continues to surprise me honestly and I am sure as things continue it will be a continuing success for years to come. I am excited for whats coming up next plus I am sure there will be some Power Rangers Podcasts coming in the fall as I always promise from year to year 4 episodes to come out on my website per year in two different sessions. One usually late Spring and one in the fall as it depends on my schedule. 2 per session usually as we do not wanna over stress ourselves out but that is on the docket this fall indefinitely. Also will be back at the Ukrainian and Polish Festivals this year, The Royal Winter Fair, Tyrone Parade of Lights, Port Perry Parade are all on the list as usual and I made some tweaks and changes with a few events this year, no food truck this year and as you know I made the big change and not bringing CBOTW to the Autism Celebration this year. Either way the rest of this year will be indeed amazing and excited to see what else this year brings to me! 


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