Friday, June 21, 2019

We Need To Talk.... Serious Talk Right Now!

               Right now things are not going too well for me, stressed out to the max thinking I am not going to be able to handle the transition and normally it's not too bad but with the stress of trying to figure things out, it hasn't been easy transition plus trying to schedule around my vacation time in July when I am out in Boston and Maine for a holiday to see the East Coast in the USA. Anyways I was starting to get those negative thoughts in my head and I have been trying to keep a level head on things with positivity but recently reverted back to the negative Nelly and it isn't me to be this way normally. Also I have been feeling like I have burnt myself out to a point I am starting to question myself as a podcaster and if I really need a break from things. However the issue that I am having is the fact I already agreed to continue on with the podcast during the summer months ago so it was really out of my hands honestly. I cannot do anything about it, when I say something I stick to my word on things and that is the kind of person I am, I like to keep my promises and so what if I am a little burnt out right now, not like I have gotten a bit more of energy or a second wind on things when I have started to feel this way and honestly I have been only podcasting for a few weeks with a once a once a week schedule.

                 So it is not easy last while honestly as I have been struggling to transition seasons. Now what I could of done was just continued on with the 10th season but yet my folder that holds up all the notes is pretty full up now and time to transition to another folder as this one has officially filled up as the season wraps, the folder fills up very quickly. Maybe a lot of this has to stem with the fact that today marks me leaving YouTube for good and being retired from the platform, maybe that is what is on my mind the past week as I was and have been thinking about it. It has been a long 3 years and I have done such an amazing job with rebuilding the website and the CBOTW brand and there is nothing wrong with a break and it has been very easy few weeks however things have really sped up and yes I realize I took a blog break yesterday as I wasn't thinking too clearly honestly. I started to think clearly and I thought about you guys honestly. I wanna say thank you for the continuous love and support, through the thick and thin of things, I always manage to get myself out of issues I am having with Chris B On The Web and I do this for you guys, not just for myself but for you guys as well.


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