Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Podcast 10th Season Continuing?

                 I just found out that Amazing Race 31 is ending next week so you are wondering am I just going to continue on with the season right through the summer as I originally planned? I know I announced the schedule already but what I should of done was wait and announce the schedule but as you can tell here on the website it is schedule... So what you are probably going to ask is the summer season going to be a new season from the 10th season? I think that is what the best for the podcast as the current season has now gone on for a very long time now and it is time to just wrap it up and move on to the next season which mind you I will be having no break whatsoever. I will be diving right into the next season so it is sounding like I will be running back to back to back to back seasons from Season 9 into Season 10, then into Season 11, then right into the 12th season in the fall. If I am thinking what I have in the back of my mind is I probably will end up not having a break till near Christmas which will be a well deserved break for this podcaster and you can imagine between all that I will be also working on Power Ranger Podcasts between too so I will still be busy one way or another. So the schedule still as follows for the Summer:

Preview Podcast Schedule:

Sunday, June 23rd, 2019, 9 pm EST: Big Brother 21 Preview Podcast

Wednesday, June 26th, 2019, 9 pm EST: Amazing Race Canada 7 Preview Podcast

Regular Schedule:

Wednesdays, 9 pm EST: Amazing Race Canada 7 Recap

Fridays, 9 pm EST: Big Brother 21 Recap

                 Like I said in the previous post I will be on holidays at the start of the month and hopefully back a few days before my aunt comes in from Western Canada and I get time to catch up on the podcast and if I have to double up I will. Other then that the rest of the summer I am planning to be here for you guys with the odd day unavailable as I am heading to a cottage for a day so the odd time but for the most part I am here for you guys and planning to work on the other collab too but it will be another hectic summer for me and excited to start this next season... This week has been crazy thus far and I have been either writing notes on casts for the upcoming seasons of Big Brother 21 and Amazing Race Canada 7 so this week has indeed been a test for me to see if I can handle the pressure or not and I think I did a fine job with the prep and recording as well. It is called priorities and I have all week to get those done and ready for you guys to tune into the podcast. This schedule and plans for a 11th season is my final decision from here on out, I promise to not change anything else from here on out.


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